May 19, 2010

5.1 through 5.9

May 1
Will & Julie leaving their wedding!
Congrats! <3

May 2
Left over flowers from Will & Julie's Rehearsal dinner (:

May 3
One of my favorite pictures that I've taken!

May 4
little buds!

 May 5
Happy 21st Birthday Little Sister
Me, Haley, Amber & Ashton

May 6
 Cayden's black eye. The camera on my phone didn't do it justice!

May 7
We ran the Swamp Rabbit 5K!

May 8
Peonies (: 
I LOVE how they smell!!

May 9
Happy Mothers Day! (:
Me, Mikey & Mel

4.16 through 4.30

April 16

April 17
Up until yesterday (May 18) we had these growing on our back porch -- they were beautiful! I even loved the shadows on it

April 18
our upstairs neighbors tiny watering thing

April 19
Mike enjoyin' porch time! We grilled a d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s pork loin that night! Yuummmm!

April 20
tomato plant progress (:
(i had to move it out of that planter because it didn't have any holes & it would flood when it rained!)

April 21
*Happy Birthday Ben!*
Wild Wings Dinner

April 22
Shooting at Allen Arms in G'ville

April 23
Jess, Callie & Me at Ashleigh's Rehearsal Dinner
Downtown Greenville

April 24
Gettin' our groove on on the dance floor at the Finch wedding! (:
Congrats Ash & Chase! 

April 25
Wedding favors on our counter from the previous nights wedding...yummy cookies!

April 26
one wild flower, two flowers from my bridesmaid bouquet!

April 27
Wild Flowers

April 28
This is my Best. We were at Eliz's bridal shoot & since I can't post pictures of the bride before her big day, Melbert playing with the veil wins (:

April 29
I. Love. My. Husband.

April 30
Sam, Me, Julie, Leah & Kristi (minus Mindy)
at Julie's bridal brunch! (: 

May 10, 2010

4.11 through 4.15

Bugs have gotten ahold of my plants!! Oh No! (no worries, they're a live & kickin'..hopefully we'll have some veggies really soon!)

beautiful peonies 
they smell as wonderful as they look!

Carson's Soccer Game!
Go Rams

April Showers Bring May Flowers...Right?!

Happy Birthday Mike! (Anderson) (:

May 7, 2010

a month behind

gah-ley! i just realized that i am almost a month behind in posting pictures. life is busy! we've had two weddings in the past two weekends (yep folks--thats 100% of our weekends! hah) and before that we had showers that we were either invited to or throwing - so life has been busy! however, this weekend is "free"...we have a 5K race tonight and we're hosting a mothers day lunch at our house for our moms (obviously) + the rest of our fams & grandmothers, but i'm sure i'll be able to find time to post the rest of the pictures though (be ready for lots of them!)

PS--wedding pictures will be up too! (: