July 31, 2013

| wild dunes part 3 |

IMG_3372IMG_3403 IMG_3417 IMG_3421 IMG_3424 IMG_3438

Morgan Creek Grill with Melbug
Mimi & Papa dancin' with Amos at shag night
tickles from Mere
workout buds
girls night at Long Island Cafe
silly boys 

July 29, 2013

month eight

month eight 


Sigh. When I look at you, Amos, I no longer see my tiny little baby. Now I see a sweet, handsome, smart little boy. I know that I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, but every time I take one of these "month by month" pictures I look back at the others months and boy how you've changed! 

This has been a big month for you. You're first tooth popped through on June 18th and just a few days later you started really army crawling (while we were at the lake). Every since then you have been on.the.move! You don't like to be still for very long which definitely keeps us on our toes. One of your favorite spots to play is under our bed. If ever I can hear you, but not see you, I know that's where you've hidden yourself. 

You are a very curious and smart little one. You use your index finger to feel everything (and I mean everything!). It's super cute. You even use that little index finger to stroke your eyelashes as you fall asleep. Sometimes you also like to play with your hair while you fall asleep. I hope that I will remember these tiny details of your growing and changing in my heart forever. 

We've discovered how very ticklish you are. We love to "hold you down" and tickle you all over! Your laugh is the sweetest sound on this earth! 

Mosie, what a delight you are! (: 

And because I couldn't pick my favorite this month: 
IMG_3460 IMG_3463

July 26, 2013

| wild dunes part 2 |

IMG_3334 IMG_3337 IMG_3354 IMG_3360 DSC_0260 DSC_0262 DSC_0286 CSC_0291 DSC_0316 DSC_0320 IMG_3363

sleepy boy
pickle lover 
cousin Hudson
morning snuggles with 'Mos
tidal pool sittin' with Mimi & Papa
my boys
pre-dinner shot 
handsomest little fella i know
the girls
the boys
after dinner kid date

July 23, 2013

| wild dunes part 1 |

DSC_0175.NEF DSC_0178.NEF DSC_0184.NEF DSC_0190.NEF DSC_0194.NEF DSC_0200.NEF

sleepy baby 
my boys
the whole gang
Amos & Papa 
Amos & his new helmet 
feeding the babe Milk Duds 

July 21, 2013

| the goat |

IMG_3283 IMG_3284 IMG_3294 IMG_3311
Mike & I got to spend the weekend on The Goat with Cathy's sister, Marjorie and her beau, Bob. They were so gracious to not only take all 3 of us in, but they fed us delicious meals, took us out on their boat, and entertained us all weekend. 

What a great start to a week of vacation! (: 

July 18, 2013

the kitchen floor

IMG_3227 IMG_3233 IMG_3242

because some days the kitchen floor is where we play 

July 17, 2013

10 things

I remembered seeing "10 Things" on Molly's blog a while back and how much I enjoyed reading her 10 things! I hope you'll enjoy my 10 things, too!

1. I have walked from Springer Mt., Georgia to Bear Mt., New York.

2. My favorite food is peanut butter. Hands down. I can (and do) eat a 16 oz jar in about 3 days. I know, it's a problem.

3. I'm pretty obsessed with my birthday. This past year was my golden birthday (:

me & my groom

4. I love to travel. Any where, any place, any time. I'm so crazy about traveling that I'll load up my baby and bring him too. (He had his passport at 3 months old...)

5. I have 2 tattoos. One on my left wrist, the other on my right foot. 

6. I love dessert.

Kaminsky's Round 2

7. I love crossfit. I (freakishly) like to workout to workout. 

8. This crazy boy has had my heart for 10 years now. (Sheesh, we're getting old...). Wouldn't trade a single minute of those 10 years for anything in the world. 


9. My DREAM job would be to be on American Pickers. I love treasures, trinkets, digging through other peoples stuff. I have a laundry basket full of old glass jars that I scavenged from a neighbors trash pile right now. They'll be fabulous when I can figure out what to do with them. (: 

10. I still sleep with my blanket. I asked Mike before we were married if I had to give up, and bless his soul, he said "no" (: I don't leave home without it! 

July 16, 2013

loving lately

IMG_3210 IMG_3211 IMG_3216 IMG_3217 IMG_3221 IMG_3222

taking advantage of Mike's "something to read" from Christmas
a gift from one of my bests who knows me so well 
shower invites for Ben & Emily(!!)
my calendar telling me that next week = the beach
Jesus Calling 
this soccer ball and the little boy who's furiously chasing it around the house now 

July 15, 2013

happenings @ 12 Tyler Street

IMG_3197 IMG_3202

Saturday was the first "work day" we've been able to have around 12 Tyler Street in a while. House projects have taken a back burner due to Lake Hartwell being more full than it's been in years - we feel we must take advantage of this water while we can! Anyway, Saturday we dug up some nasty plants that have been haunting our flower beds and sunk the posts for our fence! Hip hip hooray for progress! 

July 14, 2013

birthday love

IMG_3165 IMG_3166 IMG_3183

we celebrated my mom's birthday with a cookout at 12 Tyler Street with the whole gang ... complete with an Oreo cookie cake (thanks to Haley) 

Happiest Birthday, M (mom's new "grandma name") (: 

July 12, 2013

thoughts on this |continuous| rain

I am neither kidding nor lying when I say that it has rained at our house every single day (but maybe one) for at least the past 2 weeks, maybe longer. [It's currently raining as I type.] I also kid you not when I say that I don't mind it one single bit; I actually love it. 

My sister, brother & I grew up listening to a gospel group called Fairfield Four with my dad [who has already had Amos listening to them as well]. On the cassette tape that we listened to, the lead singer says a prayer between a couple of the songs that reminds us that in order to appreciate the sunshine, we must have the rain.

I also heard a lady at my local Post Office last week saying that when the Lord sends us rain, pray and ask for more rain. Somebody's been prayin' and the Lord has been listening! 


from every door of our house