April 30, 2015

month seven | solomon


Solomon, hooray for seven months! Littlest buddy, you are all-the-time smiley. You think Amos is the best thing ever (seriously) - you love to be where he is, soak up any attention he gives you and can even be soothed by him when Mama's not around (daddy says). You eat like a champ & have even tried some table foods (smooshed black eyed peas, smooshed kidney beans, avocado, fries, cheerios, & graham crackers)...oh yea, and ice cream  & whipped cream thanks to some unnamed grand / great grand parents. (: You still have no teeth. You sit like a rock star - but have no interest in crawling or moving from wherever I sit you (even though Amos and I try daily to get you to crawl or scoot). You sleep with a lovie (a frog or dog), share a room with Amos & just started sleeping on a pillow. And, I can tell that you want to talk so so so badly (like real words). 

Super Solly (your newest nick name given by daddy), you're one sweet dude. I kiss those sweet lips and cheeks at least 100 times a day. You make us laugh when you scream like a banshie at the dinner table. You want to be in the middle of whatever daddy & Amos are doing and you don't like to be by yourself for too long. You love bath time & love to splash and kick. You're growing big and strong (I think you weigh somewhere around 19# now!). 

Solomon Mack, I am so thankful that I get to be your mama...that I get to be the one teaching you new things (when Amos isn't tell me, "NO! Don't teach him.") and watching as you discover and grow. You make my heart smile and I hope desperately that you know just how special and loved you are. 

Keep growing bigger and stronger - we've much playing and learning to do this summer!

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April 23, 2015

celebrate | showering baby powers

IMG_6982 IMG_6984 IMG_7000 IMG_7001 IMG_7008 IMG_7013 IMG_7023 IMG_7034 IMG_7036 IMG_7040 IMG_7043 IMG_7048 IMG_4211-1

This past weekend we got to celebrate Baby Powers who is due to arrive in about a month! We celebrated cook out style with lots of good food (cupcakes by Cakes to Dye For), our dearest friends & CP & Whit's family. Little Peanut, you are already so loved! I cannot wait to watch you grow and play with our boys so very soon! The countdown is officially on! 

April 22, 2015

15 / 52



Amos (2): working at our new house  with Papa 
Solomon (7 months): partyin' Saturday night for Baby Powers with some of our closest buds 

April 13, 2015

14 / 52



Amos (2): loves: walks in the park & chocolate ice cream with m&ms 
Solomon (6 months): new trick - sticking out that sweet little tongue 

April 10, 2015



Foraged from the neighborhood with Amos for our table. It's the simple things like fresh flowers, my favorite candle and the little hands that helped me that are making me smile today. 

TGIF, friends. Here's to hoping your weekend is filled with the things that make you smile! 

April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

IMG_6820 IMG_6823 IMG_6854 IMG_6862 IMG_6882 IMG_6888 IMG_6895 IMG_6899 IMG_6901 IMG_6941 IMG_6948 IMG_6963

We always spend Easter with my mom's side. It's been so neat to see our family grow, especially over the past few years - we joked that Mema & Pepa are going to have to expand their house just so we all fit. The big boys hid eggs for the kiddos & we tried to teach Amos the importance of looking for the plastic eggs with money in them. I think he walked away with $0.65 - enough for lots of pieces of gum at QT (his treat of choice). This Easter was especially sweet as it was Solomon & Avery's first Easter ... AND I got to shoot my sister & Kendall's baby announcement pictures! We can't wait to have baby Dye join the fun next year! 

Check out more pictures here

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April 7, 2015

13 / 52

IMG_6738 IMG_6749

Amos (2): learning what to do with dandelions 
Solomon (6.5 months): stealin' some of Mere's love  

April 6, 2015

Girls Weekend | CLT

IMG_6776 IMG_6782 IMG_6795 IMG_6797 IMG_6810 IMG_6812

This past weekend I spent a night away with my long time bests, Melissa & Carolyn. We didn't venture too far up the road--only to Charlotte, but we had a blast. We planned this trip around the Metrolina vintage & antique show & weren't disappointed after walking around all day on Saturday. I came away with a globe, a sweet yellow leather chair, a metal USA, and some cool pieces for jewelry that you'll be able to find in our etsy store, and kettle corn for the road. Love these two and time away with them, always. xo

April 2, 2015

life with two

Life with two little ones looks a lot like: 
unscheduled days
dirty floors
grubby feet (and faces)
some days more shows on the iPad than I care to admit
sleepless nights 
multiple outfit changes throughout the day
dependent independence 
"nugga"ling (snuggling)
playing "backets-ball" outside or building a rock pile on the side walk
tee-teeing outside
family walks downtown or in the park
listening to, discipling, teaching, and instructing all day long

I see my insufficiencies daily and am constantly being shown what it means to sacrifice in loving these boys. I am reminded over and over that their souls are what matter...not how much we accomplish (or don't) each day, not how much I can teach them, not what stuff they have or don't have. I am reminded that everything we have will eventually fade away but their souls are eternal and that while doing my best to point them to the One who created them is exhausting and overwhelming at times (and also a joy!), I am promised that it is eternally rewarding (and to this I will cling). 

I love this season that we're in & being a mama to these boys (and Mikey's wo-man).  We are learning and growing every day. We're playing and creating, we're exploring. This...this is the good life. 

April 1, 2015

Easter eggs

IMG_6689 IMG_6692 IMG_6696 IMG_6700 IMG_6704

Let's be real - whoever said that dying Easter eggs with a two year old (and a baby on your hip) was lying. Try explaining the soaking process and that, "No, you cannot dip your hand in the water and wipe it or sling it like that," one hundred times. We ended up with 13 colored eggs & about half of them have stickers (that I put on myself). Whew. We may save dying Easter eggs for when my kids are teenagers.