December 22, 2010

holiday baking extravaganza

Tuesday morning I spent about 4.5 hours baking. I love to bake, I really do. I made cowboy cookies, pound cake (regular & lemon), cranberry & wild blueberry pie, and white chocolate peppermint cheesecake. Some of them are gifts for Mike's co-workers. Some are treats for Bible study dessert parties or family get-togethers. 

cowboy cookies (a staple around here)

 Gram's Never Fail Pound Cake

The red pans were regular pound cake, the green ones (and big one in the middle) were lemon pound cake (and it was dang good!)

Christmas goodies for Mike's co-workers 

White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake
 melting the chocolate

We have to wait until CHRISTMAS to see how it tastes!

the HUGE mess in the kitchen (after round 2 of baking...I'd already cleaned up a mess at least this big already!)

baby pound cakes!

December 20, 2010

ReCap of 2K10

We started the year off at the lake, celebrating the New Year

We played in the snow in Highlands with our dear friends Mike & Kayla
(we enjoyed the snow days when we could!)

We went skiing in Crested Butte, CO - our favorite spot with Mike's family

DP, Papa, Mike, Mel & Mere

We celebrated Mikey's birthday (his first since we got married)

Mike, Kayla, Gabe, Mel, Max, Me & Mike

We celebrated TONS of friends getting married with showers, parties and weddings!
Ashleigh's "Stock-the-kitchen" shower

Mike, Kayla, Me & Mike after endless hours of dancing at Ashleigh's wedding

Will & Julie leaving for their honeymoon

Me & Mike at Sallie & Caleb's rehearsal dinner

Sallie & Caleb's cake! (: YUM

Carolyn, Kaitlin, Mel & Me
celebrating Travis & Melissa's upcoming wedding

The girls at Elizabeth's rehearsal

Mike & Me at BD & Megan's rehearsal dinner

Celebrating with Megan & BD at their wedding!

Mike &  Me (and Dave) at Reese & Roddick's wedding!

all the girls downtown for Melisssa's bachelorette party

Carolyn, Mel (the bride), Me & Jenna
at Mel's bridal brunch

Josh, Mel, Me & Mike at Melissas reception!

We celebrated Haley's 21st birthday

We moved ...

I got certified as a personal trainer
(gotta love the yogurt picture that goes with this weekend)

We celebrated our big one year anniversary - dinner at Stella's in Simpsonville. Definitely one of our favorites

we also celebrated with pictures by Jana Candler

and bringing home 1st place in both of our age groups in the LHF 5K race

and a trip to Costa Rica

We've taken many trips to the mountains...

We fell in love with David

I discovered a passion for baking

and now...we're celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!