April 23, 2010

4.8 through 4.10

April 8
a silk worm! these little guys have become our friends -- i pick flowers from across the street & they end up in our living room all the time because of it!
April 9
These are mini (healthy) key lime pies..but I think I was supposed to refrigerate them (any help Melbert?!) instead of freezing them because they're super hard to eat unless I thaw them ... but then it isn't very good ):  ... & I think I should've added a LOT of lime juice for it to have a more tart flavor!

April 10
All the girls before going downtown for Ashleigh's bachelorette party!
Back Row: Katie, Brittany, Carolyn, THE BRIDE TO BE, Stephanie & Jess
Front Row: Melissa, Me, Casey, Callie & Madison

April 22, 2010

So Far Behind

Goodness gracious, I am so far behind on my posting...between 2 jobs and tons of weddings...posting has taken a back seat! Ooops...I will fix it!

April 14, 2010

3.28 through 4.7

Our back porch garden...now everything has been planted! (I didn't have enough dirt at this point for everything to be in pots..but we got that fixed!)


It's not a great picture..but you get the point! We were COVERED in pollen! 

Precious Bryson! I got to shoot some family pictures for Ashton, Justin & Bryson--too sweet!

Further progress of the strawberries! At this point, they were still in the house bc it was too cold for them to be outside at night!

Beautiful Blue Butterfly 
shot while fishin' with the fam on Good Friday

Mom and Carson joined me, Mike, Mimi & Papa Martin at the lake for the night! We celebrated Mimi & Papa's birthdays (they're the 5th & 7th) -- Mimi got Blokus, a really fun game (in case you've never played--I would recommend getting up & rushing immediately to your nearest neighborhood Target to purchase one for yourself!)

*Happy Easter*
our King is RISEN.

*Happy Birthday Mimi!*
Hmmm..these are growing freely across the street from our house. I have had two vase fulls so far. As long as they're there, I will keep clipping some arrangements for our table (:

I've moved them outside & they're gettin' big! ... well, comparatively! ... (not in this picture, but now they even have some red in them!) 

*Happy Birthday Papa Martin!*
This is a replica of one of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken. The original was taken at OD & Cathy's house in their field last spring & was actually part of the "2009's worth 350,000 words" (my original picture-a-day)...this one was taken in our front yard. 

April 8, 2010

a very busy, very tired girl

Hmm..where to even start?! I. Am. Exhausted. Monday of this week I started working a second part time job. I'm still working part time at Andy's office and now, I'm working the rest of my "free" hours at the hardware store. Does "All in the Family" sound familiar?! Hah. While it has been nice to be working a little more (or a lot more), I'd forgotten what full time work hours are like! I truly am exhausted when I get home from work ... which has led to minimal house work being done and little to no workouts! ): I'm sure once I work this schedule a little longer I'll be used to it and ready to take on the world again, but now I just want to head home & pull the covers up until tomorrow morning!

Side note: the garden is coming along wonderfully! We've gotten about half of the stuff that we got put in pots (pictures are coming soon!) and I got dirt today to put in the other pots so I can have everything planted & ready to go. Our little strawberries are flourishing - there are about 9 or 10 on the plant (: and everything else seems to be growing right along! Nothing else is budding yet, but I think we still have a month before we should expect anything. I can't wait!