January 26, 2010

*1.21.10 through 1.24.10

For some reason blogger is giving me an error when I try to add words to the previous post. I've tried for two days at two different locations to fix it, to no avail. So, I'll just describe the pictures here & let you put them together. (:

The Pizza Factory -- it's not a great picture (it was taken through a rainy car window)--but this tiny, local pizza place has become a favorite of mine & Mike's. We usually eat at this joint once a week (or every couple of weeks when we have the extra cash) We get the lunch special: a personal pizza, the salad bar and a drink for $5 flat (so $10 for both of us obviously). But, you can't beat that!! Who cares that it isn't exactly the healthiest lunch..it's cheap and that'll do for us!

The next is the view from Carolyn's balcony in Columbia. Melissa and I spent the night with her on Friday because we had a wedding shower to go on Saturday for Elizabeth.

Happy first wedding shower Elizabeth!

This picture is also not one of great quality, but it does the job. I don't know how our little house didn't wash away with the rain! It literally rained the hardest I've ever seen it rain (here) for a very, very long time. I wish you could see the cats and dogs falling in the picture!

January 25, 2010

January 21, 2010

1.8.10 through 1.20.10


Elizabeth's first time shooting (:

"Where's the Chapstick?!" (Melanie, that is for you)

my very FIRST time cooking seafood of any sort. Since I don't like it very much we don't eat a lot...but I decided to be bold and try something new (for my sweet husband who loves seafood) - and it was wonderful!
Shrimp & Grits (cheesy) with hush-puppies
(oh yea, that was something I never ever do either--fry foods and I fried the hush-puppies!)


Mike gave me TOMS for Christmas. I love them...but it's been too cold to wear them ): Soon though! (Oh yea, this picture came from my absolute boredom when I was at home)

"Stock the Kitchen" Shower invites came in today for Ashleigh's shower!! Woohooo!! (:

I gave Mike a map of his motorcycle trip that he and his Papa took after we graduated in May. You can't see the pins, but there is a pin for every night -- Mike finished it today by connecting the pins. Eventually we are going to make a frame for it out of some barn doors that Ben has.

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day (Like in the summer when it isn't sooooo cold!)

STILL Raining! This is what raindrops look like on a car window looking up at a street light.

MLK Day. I still had to work, but Mike had the day off (a much needed treat!) He washed both of our cars. What a sweet husband!

Some sort of woodpecker.

Ashton's Maternity Pictures that I had the privilege of shooting! (:

January 19, 2010

1.6.10 through 1.7.10

Steinbeck and Twain
(Mike is reading Steinbeck ... always & I'm giving Twain a try. This is # 3 of my 50)

LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!
too bad it didn't last


Well, I am behind on posting pictures as you can see...maybe I'll work on that tomorrow - my much awaited for day off (:

Hmmm. In my calendar posting yesterday I realized what a wedding season we (Mike & myself) are about to enter into. Starting this weekend we have showers, showers, showers...parties, parties, parties...and weddings, weddings weddings. I am excited about this period in all of our friends lives - but man are we gonna be super busy!

Here's to busy weekends with friends we love, celebrating their love for each other and the lifetime commitment they will be making.

January 13, 2010

12.29 through 1.5

December 29
Happy Birthday Melanie!
The first book I'll finish in twenty-ten (Thanks Mere & DP!)
One of my goals for this upcoming year is to actually reach the 50 books that I always say I want to read. This is the year I'm going to do it.

December 30
God was showing out for us as we ate breakfast! (this picture does NOT do the colors justice!)

December 31
Goodbye 2009
Katie Tingle & most of the Tingle clan met most of the Martin clan at the lake to ring in the new year (: I love this tradition!

a new year boat ride!

What will this year look like for you?!

This is my husband, he is rich --- in Monopoly world.

Back porch dwelling...

One of Dana's plants --- I LOVE this picture! I'm hoping that Mike will paint it for me one day!

January 7, 2010


The first Tuesday of the year. This should be great right? I don't have to work until 2, I'm getting to meet most of the family (on Mike's side) for lunch, and all I have to do until then is an itsy bitsy bit of cleaning ... and return a movie to the $1 box. Not a big deal.

Around 9 I throw on some shoes (my trusty L.L.Bean slippers, in case anyone sees me...while they aren't nice shoes, they are shoes) and a V-neck sweatshirt (over Mike's oversized T-shirt that I slept in). Haven't brushed my teeth nor my hair and I have on no make-up. I have to make it by 9:30 or I'll have to pay (long story short, the $1 movie was free this time and I didn't want to pay $1 if it was late!)

ALL I have to do is run the movie in.

I pull into the Publix parking lot -- park (illegally) right smack-dab in front of the store, because ALL I have to do is run the movie in, put it in the box and come right back out. As I park, I think "if I leave the car running, it'll be warm when I get back out to it," so I do. I am smart enough to get the fob off of the key ring before I lock the doors though. Out of the car quickly, run in, return movie, run out...click, click...nothing!! Try again - click, click...nothing! "Oh no, the fob doesn't work if the keys are still in the ignition!!!" AHH! I looked ridiculous (huge, baggy sweatpants, Mike's t-shirt hanging down to my knees under a sweatshirt and slippers) but I had no choice. I had to run in to the customer service desk to ask if I could borrow a phone to call my sweet husband to take time out of his extremely busy day to bring me the spare key to let me in. Okay...so I go in, ask - and the nice manager says "Oh, I think I can pop it." Great! I won't have to bother Mike or call a lock smith. Things are beginning to look up! So the nice man follows me out to my car (that is parked smack-dab in the middle of his store front) and runs out to his truck to get a hanger. In the mean while another man who also works at Publix comes out and sees the situation at hand. He offers his services as well and before long the two of them have the hanger jammed down my window trying to push the "ROLL DOWN" button on the window so we could get in. No such luck. They couldn't get enough pressure on the hanger to actually push the button. Back to square one.
After about 25 minutes (at this point I'm freezing) of fiddling with the window that apparently has an antitheft system for just such occasions, the nice man offers to let me use his phone to call the lock smith. Try Mike first..right? So I call, no answer. I call again..no answer. Okay, so (I'm thinking) he doesn't recognize the number..maybe he thinks it's a business call and they are supposed to leave a message!?? Call one more time. No answer. Great, now I have to call the lock smith to come let me into my car that has now been running for about 30 minutes. Lock smith is on the way - for a small fee of $42. Poop! I'm gonna have to explain to Mike why I threw away $42! ... So quickly, try Mike one more time before I hand the nice man his phone back. No answer. Okay B2B, what have you done with my husband?!?!

A few seconds later Mike did call back. His phone had unfortunately been on silent and he was away from his desk - so when he returned he thought someone was dying because he had 4 missed calls! OOops! (Well, it was an emergency!) I quickly and shamefully explained my situation to him & he was on his way to save the day! The nice Publix man called the lock smith to cancel my order & let me come stand inside while I waited (and even gave me free coffee..I think they felt pretty bad for me!). Mike arrived & let me into my car and all was well (:

If this is a sign of how the year 2010 is going to be, can't I just stay in bed until Jan. 1, 2011?! Just kidding -- I'll stand strong at whatever is thrown my way this year (and hopefully Mike won't have his phone on silent any more! hah!)

January 4, 2010

12.16 through 12.28

Finally, finally getting caught up on the pictures that I've loathed adding simply because of the gargantuous number of them.

Cookie cutters for tomorrow's cookies!

12.17.09Christmas Cookies!

12.18.09Sully Dog (: Our visitor for the night

12.19.09Sully in between Mike's feet (he is a feet lover!) We thought this should be an L.L.Bean ad!

Button Ornaments!
(Craft night with Mel, Mel & Carolyn) YYIIIPPPPEEE!!!!!

12.21.09It's ALMOST Christmas!!!! Can ya feel it!?

Holly -- the newest addition to the Martin clan

Carson & I spent the entire afternoon on Wednesday before Christmas Eve baking! We baked oreo balls covered in chocolate, peanut butter balls covered in chocolate, and pretzels dipped in white chocolate. YUM

Christmas Eve at Granny Pearls (my great-grandmother)...Me, Kandi, Carson, Brandon, Mike, Ashton, Amber & Haley

Merry (first) Married Christmas Mikey! (:
This was after opening all of our gifts from each other -- before our first holiday tradition: waffles on Christmas morning!

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me!!!!

After a day filled with family and friends -- lunch at Sam's (a meat & three in Ft. Inn), the whole gang trooped over to my house for some shooting. We shot skeet and pistols (: This is becoming a tradition! After all the festivities, my whole family (Mike's included, since are married and all (: ) went to Honey's house for birthday dinner! I sure do love my birthday!

Beautiful Ashton (my cousin) -- an absolutely radient mom-to-be (:
*Baby Bryson's Shower*

Happy 21st Birthday Melbug!

Since her birthday was on Tuesday and a crew of them were leaving for D.C. for a Campus Outreach conference, we celebrated on the 28th. Here she is opening Mere's gift!