April 26, 2016

month one | ezra

Sweet baby Ezra!!

Seriously, if the first month could go any faster than it did with Amos & Solomon, it has with you! At your one month appointment (that Daddy got to attend) you weighed 9# 12 oz (2# 12 oz more than at birth!) and were 21" long. I think you're going to be long & lean like your big brother, Solomon! 

You're an excellent eater and pretty decent sleeper - you're currently giving us 3-4 hours stents at a time. I think that your little tummy hurts a good bit of the time. You cry a good bit (I think I remember Solomon having the same problem) -- hopefully it's something you'll grow out of in the next couple of weeks or so. 

I think you're a perfect blend of Amos & Solomon. You've got Amos' chin line & little pinned back ears (BUT the actual shape of your ears is like Solomon's), deep blue eyes like both of your brothers and their sweet kissable lips. You also have their blonde hair. Three little tow-heads. 

I've enjoyed praying over you in the dark hours of the night when we're the only two awake. Little guy, I hope as my third (little) boy that you always feel special, known and loved. I pray that just like Amos and Solomon are (becoming) best buds, that you'll be right there with them - taking on this world. I hope that from the beginning you three have an inseparable bond - that you're there to celebrate each other, fight for each other, lift each other up and point each other towards Truth daily. 

April 21, 2016

weekend | lake edition










We spent this past weekend at the lake house with our good friends, the Tingles. We had 7 (little) boys 6 and under between us. Adventure walks, dog piles, baseball throwing, "sea-weeding" (weed-eating) as Amos calls it, a boat ride & lake dip, lots of snuggles + good coffee, ice cream & good conversations filled the weekend. So much fun to see our boys together. I see lots of sleepovers in the very near future! Amos is already asking when the Tingle boys can come back to the lake house to play! (:

April 19, 2016

big brother, little brother | April 2016


These two. Getting ready to take on 
s u m m e r.

Lake House | April 2016

April 15, 2016

daddy and his boys




these are three of my very favorite pictures in the entire world .. of all of our travels and adventures, these three little guys are the greatest yet

you're a great daddy, mike. i love watching you with our boys. you love them (and me) so well. thank you for how you love and take care of your people. thanks for being my very best friend and raising these hood rats with me! (: 

happy friday and happy weekend, friends! 

April 12, 2016




reading: A Cup of Jo 

playing: in a fort with the big boys made from our microwave box 

watching: Parenthood & we just finished The Man in the High Castle (highly recommend)

trying: La Granja 360 Tempranillo ($4 at Trader Joes) .. *not going to be our favorite* HOWEVER, we've since tried Black Mountain | 2013 Cab | Fat Cat ($7 at Trader Joes) and liked it a lot! 2 (or 4) thumbs up! 

cooking: lots of eggs // toasted pecans (new favorite snack) 

eating: dark chocolate covered espresso beans // Quest bars  

drinking: newly addicted to french pressed coffee 


calling: the pediatrician to set up WCCs 

texting: Kayla Jean 

pinning: Rust & Stardust necklaces (check us out!) // things for our white house // paleo recipes

tweeting: still don't do Twitter....


crafting: Rust & Stardust necklaces // always 

doing: life with a newborn & 2 littles   

going: to the lake this weekend for a much needed Tingle-Martin reunion

loving: fresh flowers in every room  

hating: that i don't even know when the last time i journaled is 

discovering: how much we really love our new neighborhood 

enjoying: how snoozy Ezra is 

hoping: for progress on the white house this week

celebrating: a mostly open calendar as i look ahead 


smelling: Capri Blue fir & firewood   

thanking: everyone who has loved on us since Ezra was born   

considering: which pictures to print with my free code from Artifact Uprising 

finishing: last minute things for our first art / jewelry show of the year  

starting: to plan summer vacations, our annual girls trip (West Coast, here we come!) & our 7 year anni


April 6, 2016

wild explorers

my little wild explorers







We're LOVING this warm weather. We spend hours in the morning wandering around the yard, finding silk "woms" and roly poly bugs (even though I'm the only one that will touch them), blowing bubbles and splashing in buckets of water and mama made puddles. We leave the front door open and let Ezra hang out in the house in the boppy just inside the door - so he's never too far away. 

I'm thinking of creating my own version of the Wild Explorers Club for these guys this summer (a membership is on my birthday / Christmas list for Amos this year). I love the idea of weekly adventure assignments and a way to keep up with what they accomplish. I'd also love to incorporate our friends / family (camping trips with Papa to the land // fishing trips with Pop in his boat..things like that) -- stay tuned! 

April 5, 2016

martin, family of five

And just like that, we're a family of FIVE! 








We've been enjoyin' this little nugget for a little over 2 weeks now. He's awesome. The big boys love him. He's super laid back, a great sleeper (all the hallelujahs!!), and loves attention from his brothers. We're soaking every little bit of him up!