December 26, 2012

month one


month one [written 12.18.12]

Well, I’m sitting here on the couch [listening to Sister Hazel], once again, letting you sleep on my chest…soaking in every minute that you snuggle me like this [it's my favorite]. I know that our days like this are limited. Too soon I’ll be enjoyin’ your next stage, chasing you around the yard & spending countless hours playing with Match Box cars on the deck daddy built. I can’t believe how fast our first month with you has flown by. In this first month you’ve already changed so much little one. For one, you’ve gained about 2 pounds and grown 1.25 inches! Your hair is getting thicker in the back and on the sides, but you’re a little bald up top. Your dad has commenced to calling you “Harold” from Harold & the Purple Crayon (don’t worry, he’s a cute little cartoon boy). Other nicknames include: Little Buddy, ‘Mos, Stink, and Blondie. Currently you wake up one - two times a night to eat and mama usually falls asleep with you in the chair for at least an hour. Those hours are hours that I will forever cherish. I don’t even mind that I haven’t gotten to sleep through the night for weeks now. You grunt and make noises all the time. We think you’re going to be a talker! And, I swear you’re the gassiest infant that has ever been. It seems that it doesn’t matter what I eat – everything messes with your little tummy. Sorry bud! We do get a kick out of your old man farts…all I can say is, “you get it from your daddy.” (: Just recently you’ve started staring at lights. Once you lock your eyes on a light we can move your little body every which way and you’ll crane your little head around to keep your gaze on the light. You sleep better on your tummy than your back [just like mama]. And, you’ve rolled over twice!


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  1. that month sure flew :) can't wait to meet sweet boy tomorrow!