December 10, 2012

sweet child of mine


Amos, sweet child of mine, you’ve been here for almost a month and you already have us completely wrapped around those tiny, long fingers of yours. To say we’re smitten is an understatement. We’re content to spend hours at a time holding you, staring at you, talking to you, watching you. You make the funniest faces that make us smile all the time. My favorite is the one you make when you’re stretching really big. You really are a sweet spirited, relaxed baby. You only fuss when you’re hungry and I’m not feeding you fast enough. Our tell-tell sign that you’re hungry is that you start sucking / gnawing on your little hands. And when you’re angry you kick your strong little legs straight out (you do this when you’re nursing too). You don’t like to be swaddled one bit – maybe because you were cramped in mama’s belly for so long?! And, thankfully for mama and daddy, you really don’t like a pacifier and haven’t seemed interested in sucking your thumb yet. You already like having your head stroked just like both your mama and daddy. One of your favorite things to do is to snuggle with daddy while you both nap. You’re so cute with your arms thrown up over your head when you sleep. We’ve noticed recently that you push your tongue against the roof of your mouth when you’re just hanging out and sometimes when you’re sleeping. You hiccup all the time – something you also did in utero. Your hair is getting thicker and more blonde / red by the day. Mama’s going to have to learn what to do with a pale skinned babe in the summer! One of my favorite things is when you snuggle up against my chest and sleep there with your little arms thrown over my shoulder and your legs squished up like a frog. Another one of my favorite things has been to hear your sweet daddy pray for and over you when he puts you down for bed every night. Little one, you are loved beyond measure! 




  1. good heavens, that child is beautiful. cannot wait to give him a cuddle next week!