February 2, 2016

bath time



not too hot, not too cold. lots of bubbles. lots of toys. big splashes. hanging out 'til we're wrinkly. that's how we do bath time around here. 

January 28, 2016

recipe | fruit pizza






Last week Amos & I made this fruit pizza for our community group. Super, super easy & great if you have little hands stealing fruit helping. 

(We added more grapes & the fruit glaze at the end so it didn't look so scarce...) 

January 26, 2016

snow day adventure | part 2









The second half to our snowy weekend adventure was much more enjoyable for the kiddos. We headed up to OD & Cathy's house on Paris Mt. for an afternoon of snow playing fun, hanging out (the boys especially had fun with Wren), Christmas tree taking down, and yummy gourmet food eatin'. 

Due to trees being down, we had to take an alternative route up to OD & Cathy's, which led us to the perfect sledding hill! AND, lucky for us, some neighborhood kids left a couple of awesome sleds that we definitely took advantage of (along with an air mattress that was brought along for just such an occasion).

Here's to hoping you guys took advantage of the snow day too! And, that it's the ONLY snow we get this year! (: 

January 25, 2016

snow day adventure | part 1





Our snowy weekend adventure started off a little drab. We woke up in Ft. Inn to nothing but rain (insert disappointed Mike face here)...but kept seeing on the news that up above Greenville & the mountains were getting hammered with snow. Work was canceled for Mikey (hooray!!), so we scooped up the boys from his 'rents house & headed to find some snow! 

Honestly, once we drove past the Woodruff Rd. exit on the hwy the scene changed drastically. The roads were starting to accumulate an icy mixture and tree branches were already drooping. We checked on the white house, grabbed lunch at Pete's and headed towards Caesar's Head. The boys were champs while the drive up the mountain took hours. I brought along a few snow day essentials (peanut butter m&m's and sour gummy worms) which seemed to help keep them occupied once they started getting antsy (biggest boy included). We'd also made promises of playing at the top once we arrived...little did we know it would be unbearable! We made it to the entrance of Caesar's Head State Park & decided to pull off the road for romping in the parking lot. Once we got out of the car, mine & Mike's hands immediately started stinging from the raw wind whipping around & the boys panicked. Like screaming, crying, tears running, snot dripping panic. (The following events may qualify us as bad parents..) We proceeded to put on their snow suits (over their regular clothes) and tried to convince them that it would be fun to play in the snow ... after a couple of snapped pictures, continuous crying and looks of "what are you doing to me?" Mike & I decided to call it and head back down the mountain. We laughed with each other & decided that though it was short lived, it was definitely worth it!



January 22, 2016

celebrate | girls night






Wednesday night we met at Vino & Van Gogh for a girls night // early birthday celebration for Cathy's upcoming birthday! While I won't be quitting my day job any time soon (haha) I will say that this was so.much.fun!

Happy (early) birthday, Cathy!