April 1, 2015

Easter eggs

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Let's be real - whoever said that dying Easter eggs with a two year old (and a baby on your hip) was lying. Try explaining the soaking process and that, "No, you cannot dip your hand in the water and wipe it or sling it like that," one hundred times. We ended up with 13 colored eggs & about half of them have stickers (that I put on myself). Whew. We may save dying Easter eggs for when my kids are teenagers. 

March 31, 2015

month six | solomon


Happy half birthday little dude!! You are such a delight. You give the best smiles and seem to be content taking in the world around you. You like to sit up (all by yourself) and watch Amos do whatever he's doing or to be in the exersaucer where you can stand and watch what's going on. And, you still  hate to be on your tummy! You may crawl before you roll from your back to your tummy. Do it your own way, dude. 

We moved into our "temporary house" while we're renovating our new house and you've been so easy to just go with the flow. You and Amos now share a room (which you'll continue to do once we move into our new house) and for the most part it's been wonderful. You love to sit on Amos' bed with him and belly laugh at just about everything he does.  It is so sweet to see how you adore him. 

At your 6 month appointment you weighed 16.5# and were 28" long. You're a little longer and lighter than 'Mos was at this appointment, but the doc said to keep watching - that you two will probably eventually even out. We'll see. Keep growing big & strong, Solly Mack. Mama is looking forward to our first summer together. We'll puddle sploosh with Amos, swim in the lake with daddy-o, boat ride with Mimi & Papa, explore the beach (hopefully lots of times), eat popsicles on the front stoop, sleep late (fingers crossed), catch lightening bugs, walk to the park and play hard all day long. 

Love you Solly-mon, to the moon and back. 

March 30, 2015

12 / 52

IMG_6685 IMG_6723

Amos (2): riding in the rent-a-bike's basket on daddy's lunch break 
Solomon (6.5 months): from our 6 month photo shoot (better a little late than never) 

March 25, 2015

11/ 52



Amos (2): eating "eater" (Easter) jelly beans on the front stoop...swoon. 
Solomon (6 months): loves to be anywhere Amos is 

March 24, 2015

Palmetto 200 | 2.0

IMG_6521 IMG_6529 IMG_6551 IMG_6557 IMG_6570 IMG_6579 IMG_6583 IMG_6614 IMG_6635 IMG_6651 IMG_6659 IMG_6672

the monkey tribe before trekking 200 miles across the state on foot together
Bennie - all smiles
Luke getting ready for his first leg 
handing off to Natalie - the machine 
humming along on my 3rd leg for the day (no. 8 for the team)
me, Bennie, CP & Natalie hanging' out in Santee State Park
Mikey on day 2 after finishing a leg
Luke, CP, Ben & Em waiting at the finish
carrying the "torch" across the finish line
2015 monkey tribe - after running 206 miles across the state together 

|stay tuned for a play by play|