October 24, 2014

friday thoughts

Live the full life of the mind,
exhilarated by new ideas,
intoxicated by the
romance of the unusual.

Happy weekend! (: 

|E. Hemingway| 

October 20, 2014

month one

My sweet, sweet Solomon Mack,

You are barely two and a half weeks old and you have stolen all of hearts a million times over. Right now you're sitting with me in a dark living room, cooing on my chest, slightly milk drunk. I never ever could've imagined that I could possibly love another child like I love your big brother, Amos, but I assure you, I love you so very much wee one!

Already you are an excellent sleeper -- some nights you sleep 6-7 hours. (*Since this was written you've made me eat my words*) You eat like champ too...now we just need to get the spitting (a lot of) it back up under control.

You have the most kissable little lips, just like Amos did (and still does); and, I probably kiss those little lips a million times a day. I know that one day all too soon I'll have to bribe you for kisses or steal them like I have to do with Amos, so I'm taking them now while you can't do anything about it. Your hair is a good deal darker than Moose's was and grows completely different than his. I can't wait to see what it looks like in years to come (I think it's going to be way lighter than it is now because your eyebrows are totally blonde, but, we'll see!). You have the same precious button nose that Amos has, but I can't tell if it's going to be a McCraw or Martin nose. Where Amos looked like a Martin (better yet, is almost a carbon copy of your daddy), we can't tell who you look like yet! No matter--like Honey says, you "just look like Solomon."

Little boy, just like with Amos, I pray for you and over you when we're up conquering the world in the wee hours of the morning. Your Heavenly Father has set you apart for great things, not for your glory or for this world, but for His and His kingdom. Your daddy and I prayed for and over you before you were born and will do so everyday of our lives. Know little "Sah-ma-non" (as Amos calls you) that you are special and loved more than you'll ever be able go wrap your head around and that we feel so blessed to be your mama and daddy.

October 16, 2014

bath time


Solomon's first real sink bath with a very good big brother helper! 

October 14, 2014

Solly boy

IMG_3389 IMG_3403 IMG_3405 IMG_3409

you have stolen my heart, 
just as Amos did. 
I love your perfectly kissable lips,
your button nose and serious blue eyes, 
your lanky long legs, and wispy light brown hair. 
Littlest boy, mama loves you! 

October 13, 2014

Showering Amber & Avery

Brunch in honor of Amber & sweet Avery Clair

IMG_3549 IMG_3556 IMG_3567 IMG_3574 IMG_3578 IMG_3581 IMG_3582 IMG_3585 IMG_3587

Avery, we can't wait to meet you come November! (: You are already so, so, so loved. Grow big and strong sweet girl!