February 13, 2018

martin band of brothers | february 2018


Amos at 5: so much like your daddy, a perfectionist, silly, insanely smart. 
 Solomon: long blonde hair, sleepy dog in tow, (not reflected) super chill. 
Ezra: you're a hilarious, tough, chatty firecracker! 
Oscar: you're content, belly laughing & win the best sleeper award. 

Our lives are so much more full because of you boys!

February 9, 2018

month three | oscar fox




Oscar, you sweet child, you. You are the calm in our chaos right now.

Things mama's loving about you right now:

how you play with my shirt when you nurse
your belly laugh when i tickle you
your widows peak ... just like mine
those puffy little lips 
watching you watch your big brothers
snuggling you against my chest before i rock Ez for bed 
listening to you talk 

I love you to the moon and back, Oski. Keep growing big and strong for us...you've got quite the crew to keep up with! 

February 8, 2018

weekly portrait | week 5

from feb. 3


January 31, 2018

a letter to Oscar Fox




I've held you now for two hours, uninterrupted. Watched light dance across your face, your eyes flicker every now and again. I study your lips, so much like your brothers and trace your ears, like Amos & Ezra's. I cradle your feet & wrap your tiny fingers around my thumb. I take in your hair line and dark eyebrows, wondering if you'll be a towhead like the others, or if you'll stay dark. I breath you in and pray that I'll remember for all eternity how your tiny body feels splayed across my lap, cradled in my arms.

January 29, 2018

weekly portrait | week 4

from jan. 27