June 23, 2010

6.11 through 6.22

June 11
Elizabeth & Drew's Rehearsal
All the ladies!

June 12
Wedding Day!

June 13
Our 10.75 mile run. Hard work, totally worth it!

June 14
my beautiful bridesmaid gift from Eliz! I love it..i use it every day now!

June 15
I was waiting for Mike in the car one night (he was on the bike behind me) and this sign is posted all over our street. Road Work Ahead. It's pretty annoying actually...but hopefully it'll be over soon!

June 16
rain, rain, rain. it even rains when the sun is out now!

June 17
This is the LEAKY ceiling in our bathroom. After 3 really bad rain storms, we came home after spreading mulch for Mike's papa & this is what we found. Our apt smells SO bad like mildew it's not funny! AND we had to take everything out of our kitchen cabinets and hand wash them (we have no dish washer!) and let everything sit out for a few days. 

June 18

June 19
Kisses for Mike from David! Mike & I rode the motorcycle down to Athens for David's dedication at church the next morning. We sure do love us some Tingle Time! 

June 20
Fathers Day!
I Love you Dad & Papa Martin!

June 21
Reflections in Honey's pool

June 22
Summer Sun wins again. Dead plants at Honey's house.

6.1 through 6.10

And here comes June!

June 1
banana peppers..the first fruits of our labor!

June 2

June 3
some of Kathy's jewelry. Mike & I housesat for the week, so I enjoyed having new things to take pictures of (and a TV to watch!) Hah

June 4

June 5
This is David. He has made the 'picture-of-the-day' before, and will many, many times over the year (: I.Love.Him.

June 6
another one of my favorites

June 7
I reorganized Mike's t-shirt drawer & thankfully he agreed to get rid of shirts that he hadn't worn since we got married! (: People, there were quite a few. Now I just need to do mine...

June 8
reminds me of Christmas time

June 9
Baked apples and pears. YUMMY & healthy!

June 10
"..and the thunder rolls.."
I was waiting on Haley in a parking lot in G'ville and this is what I saw behind me. It just happens to be that "The Thunder Rolls" is one of my all time favorite songs.

5.26 through 5.31


May 26
tick, tock..tick, tock

May 27
this little guy was SO colorful!! red and bright blue!
(and on my banana peppers!! shhoooo!)

May 28

May 29
Ben, Carson, Honey, Mom, Dad, Me & Mike
Mike, Ben & I drove from the lake to meet my family at Exit 19B to pick up Carson so he could spend some quality time with us at the lake! We met at Outback & made it a Graduation Celebration for dad (: He just got his MDIV! Congrats Dad!

May 30
This is my painting. It is not that brown. It is bright blue & green & gold, but  I couldn't get the one with the right colors OR right orientation to upload ):

May 31
our goodies from Spain! Thanks Mel & Mimi!

5.17 through 5.25

I know what you're thinking people..."FINALLY!" Well, me too! I finally had some time at Honey's house the past couple of nights (Mike was in Ames, Iowa for work) and I sat down and deliberately sorted through my pictures and organized them. Since she doesn't have internet I had to wait until I got home today to upload them, but here they are..the long awaited for month of May; well, the end of May & beginning of June!

May 17
Penny Cat (Mike's 'rents cat...) For some reason, she loves me. 

May 18
the mat on the front porch. kinda dirty

May 19
butterfly bush - well, a baby one! 

May 20
I started shopping at The Fresh Market and grinding our own coffee. Since our hearts in Costa Rica, this was the Costa Rican blend & it was YUMMY! 

May 21
Taste the Rainbow

May 22
Carolyn, Kait, Melbert & Me
Melissa's shower! 
(and Kait + Stoddard's engagement day!)

May 23
Carolyn, Melbert & Me at the LOST Party at Ben's!
Good-bye to the last 6 years of our lives! Sad Day!

May 24
Our tomatoes are GROWING!! (and now, mid-June..they're red!)

May 25
Avatar! We rented if from the dolla-box (: but had to take it back before we could finish it because we're old and wanted sleep instead of movie. BUT, our good friends Mike & Kayla let us borrow theirs so we could finish it! I loved it. & I really liked this picture! The colors in the movie were amazing, so I was pretty pumped that they turned out this bright in the picture! (I even like the shadow)...Oh yea, the movie is slipped out of the jacket a little so you get the 2 eyes..

June 10, 2010

5.10 through 5.16

i'm getting there people, slowly

May 10
*Happy Birthday Amber & Ashton*
the picture actually has nothing to do with their birthday! ... i just finished "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" today, and found it noteworthy bc it was such a hard read for me!

May 11
the first (and only) casualty from our garden so far ): good-bye little tomatoes!

May 12
FIGS! I wish so badly that we had some here! These are at OD & Cathy's house...i can't wait for them to be ready! YUM!

May 13
black & white flame

May 14
Me & Mike @ Caleb & Sallie's rehearsal dinner in Cleveland, TN

May 15
Caleb & Sallie's beautiful & delicious wedding cake!

May 16
Matt & Amanda's front screen door