June 23, 2010

6.11 through 6.22

June 11
Elizabeth & Drew's Rehearsal
All the ladies!

June 12
Wedding Day!

June 13
Our 10.75 mile run. Hard work, totally worth it!

June 14
my beautiful bridesmaid gift from Eliz! I love it..i use it every day now!

June 15
I was waiting for Mike in the car one night (he was on the bike behind me) and this sign is posted all over our street. Road Work Ahead. It's pretty annoying actually...but hopefully it'll be over soon!

June 16
rain, rain, rain. it even rains when the sun is out now!

June 17
This is the LEAKY ceiling in our bathroom. After 3 really bad rain storms, we came home after spreading mulch for Mike's papa & this is what we found. Our apt smells SO bad like mildew it's not funny! AND we had to take everything out of our kitchen cabinets and hand wash them (we have no dish washer!) and let everything sit out for a few days. 

June 18

June 19
Kisses for Mike from David! Mike & I rode the motorcycle down to Athens for David's dedication at church the next morning. We sure do love us some Tingle Time! 

June 20
Fathers Day!
I Love you Dad & Papa Martin!

June 21
Reflections in Honey's pool

June 22
Summer Sun wins again. Dead plants at Honey's house.

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