February 27, 2015

|mushy| snow day

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handsome Solomon 
my scruffy headed, rosy cheeked little bud
my whole heart
because i would never want you to think this isn't real life 
"too heavy"
finding more puddles because let's be honest..puddles are more fun than mushy snow
obligatory snow man 

February 25, 2015

month five | solomon

IMG_6227 IMG_6230

Solomon, my littlest love! You're so fun and sweet. Big things happened this past month! You started baby food and are a C H A M P. You eat every bite of anything we give you...and I mean, every bite. You eat about 4oz of food at lunch and supper time.  Since starting food you usually sleep about 2 hours longer every night before you wake up to eat! Thanks, buddy! You also started rolling over (yesterday) - from your tummy to your back. You hate tummy time and actually spit up copious amounts every time I put you on your tummy, so we don't do it often. When we do tummy time you kick, kick, kick your little legs and want to be on the move so badly. Soon, Solly Sol. If you ever get traction with your feet you'll be scooting all over the place! 

You have the sweetest laugh and give the best belly laughs when I pretend to sneeze and shake my hair around. You love Amos...like really, really love him. You quiet when he comes in the room and watch his every move. You really like just being near to him. I know one day that you two are going be the very best of buds. One of my very favorite things that you do right now is hold your paci in the side of your mouth like a cigar. Funny boy. 

Still no sign of teeth in your mouth. You like to chew on a clear plastic ring that we have (don't worry people, it's huge - not a choking hazard), but don't seem to be teething. My only thing to compare you to teething wise is Amos, so I'm guessing we have a couple of months before anything starts to happen. That's A-OK with me. 

Your daddy and I are constantly wondering who you're going to be. We're praying for wisdom, like that of King Solomon. We want you (and Amos) to know and trust Jesus. Solomon Mack, you are so special and are so loved. Keep growing big and strong wee one. 

Just for fun:


February 24, 2015

big brother, little brother


There is no other love like the love for a brother. There is no other love like the love from a brother. | Astrid Alauda 

February 23, 2015

7 / 52



Amos (2): two thumbs...errrr fingers up for an ice day
Solomon (5 months): cold and happy 

February 20, 2015

a letter to my Moose


Amos!!! Kid, you are hilarious. Seriously, your little personality is a trip. A couple of nights ago at bed time you pulled your little rocking chair over to your bed, sat down and pointed to your bed, telling your daddy to "get in and lay down." (He obeyed..) Then, you told him you were going to "check on mama" as you walked out of the room. Frequently when asked something you say, "I can't remember," even though I'm sure 95% of the time you just say that for effect. Earlier this week we were reviewing shapes and you learned a new one: "cyl-IN-der." Our real-life model was a jumbo marshmallow, of course, and after you nibbled it for a bit you held it out and said, "It's a stump!" Yay for your little imagination coming to life! I cannot wait to see what other things you create and come up with. Driving home from Gram's house this week you looked out the window and said, "The moon is hiding. Where is that crazy moon?...Where is that rascal moon?" I'm telling you, you are a riot. You also have very good manners. While we may struggle with using the potty 100% of the time and hate bed time, you always say "thank you" for everything. And that little boy, is worth way more than peeing in the potty or going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Speaking of the potty...you are almost potty trained. We've been working on this for about 6-7 weeks now. Depending on who's around determines exactly how potty trained you want to be. If it's me, or Honey, or Mimi / Papa you typically do a good job of telling us when you need to go and actually making it to the potty. However, if daddy is around you wet your pants all.day.long. I'm not sure why - maybe because daddy is so fun you can't waste time thinking about the potty?! That's what I'm going to keep telling myself. Really, you do a great job if we go out anywhere and on the days that are warm you like to tinkle off the front porch onto the leaves. Whatever works!

You're excited about our new house. Every time we pray with you, you thank God for "my new house." I hope you one day understand just how thankful we are for this new house. You're especially excited about the upstairs and you'll tell us that your new house is white. You like to drive by it and always want to get out to play. I'm so looking forward to you and Solomon and all the other Martin kiddos growing up in this house.

Some of your favorite things right now are: Tumbleleaf (show), red (color), "puppa-dog" slippers (shoes), grapes / pizza (food), mmmmeeeeeullllk, with coke as a close second (drink), frisbee (toy), Chick-Fil-A (place to eat), Old Spice muscles commercial / Augustus Gloop (Willie Wonka) videos (things to watch), Andy's 4 baby goats (animal).  You hate: bed time, brushing your teeth, pooping on the potty, when Solly cries (you tell him to "be ki-wet Solly"), having help with anything, getting the boogers out (you tell me that you want to save them and that you're panicking).

Mooshka, I love being your mama. You are a complete hilarious joy to be around. You make life fun and messy and hard at times. It makes me happy to see more of who you are come out. You like to wake up slowly in the morning and are quite the night owl just like your daddy. You love being comfortable over fashionable like me. Your brilliant mind and ability to communicate so well sometimes make it hard to remember that you're actually just a two year old. I frequently have to remind myself and your daddy that you're only two and that you're still learning just like we are. You're teaching me important life lessons daily, like, patience (because let's be real..."quickly" for you and "quickly" for me mean two totally different things), flexibility, to enjoy and celebrate the little things, and to be thankful always (just to name a few). You inspire me, little one, to want know Jesus more. Hearing you call out, "Help me, Jesus!" when you're scared in your bed is the sweetest thing ever and such a simple reminder that I can call out too for help when I need patience or grace to get through my days. Mosie, I can't wait to pick flowers with you this spring, to look for salamanders, newts and red efts in the creek at our new house, to run around barefoot all summer long, to play in the water downtown and to keep growing and learning new things with you every day.

Keep growing & learning dude. A kiss on your forehead, your chin, each cheek, your nose, each eye and your lips from mama.

February 17, 2015

ice ice baby

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the explorers
solly + mama
last snow day (hopefully) at Tyler Street
ice ice baby
blowing me kisses
solly + daddy
into the woods...errrr backyard we go
he's the coolest 2 year old i know

February 16, 2015

6 / 52

IMG_5845 IMG_5854

Amos (2): so proud of his "frame picture" (poor little guy had the flu)
Solomon (4.5 months): sometimes I creep while you sleep, Solly Sol 

February 13, 2015

because friday

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go ahead, swoon (: 

February 10, 2015

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Amos (2): Pump It Up!!
Solomon (4.5 months): hanging out in the back of the Cruiser while we worked on the yard at our new house! Such a happy camper! 

February 3, 2015

play date

IMG_5781 IMG_5792 IMG_5796

trampoline fun with a side of static hair. 
she is her mama's girl

February 2, 2015

4 / 52



Amos (2): camping, bike rides with papa while daddy runs, and breaky @ the swamp rabbit cafe while mama's away
Solomon (4 months): sink baths