July 30, 2012

Athens via Instagram






1. Opening Ceremony & catching up  2. David loves Gram's banana bread! 3. Lunch @ a local Peruvian joint (seriously delicious) 4. Watching the Olympics 5. Totally worn out

July 27, 2012

24 weeks

24 weeks = cantaloupe!
How far along? 24 weeks + 6 days (officially 6 months down!) 
Sleep: still sleeping great - and no more random waking up in the middle of the night 
Best moment(s) this week: love when Baby M moves around at night & Mike can feel it & will talk to it! It's one of the most precious things in the world. Also, we got to meet sweet baby Belle tonight!
Movement: lots! 
Food cravings: still nothing
Symptoms: The heartburn has gotten much better this week (: 
Gender prediction: ehhh...I've got nothing
Labor signs: none
Belly button in or out: in-ish
Looking forward to: Takin' this baby [bump] to Athens for a weekend with the Tingles! (: 
Random facts about little one: Little one is over a foot long now and weighs roughly 2 pounds...or is about the size of a CANTALOUPE.

24 weeks!
24 weeks!

Stay tuned for pictures of the nursery as we're getting it decorated!

July 21, 2012

beach vacation part 2

After a few rounds of Tetris on the 64 this morning we took ourselves down to the beach for one more day of soakin' up the sun & reading with the crew. Mike & I are planning to spend the day at the beach tomorrow after church but we'll be the lone rangers! It's hard to believe that this time next year we'll have a little Martin crawling around to keep up with! It's been so neat for us to imagine having this baby here with us and all the fun things that will be in store for it next summer!

After a full day out on the beach we headed back to the house to de-sand ourselves & get cleaned up for a nice dinner out at The Old Village Post House. So fun & so thankful for this week at the beach with the Martins! (: 

morning tetris

the girls @ dinner

me & mikey!

family after dinner

This has been a much needed vacation away from the everyday hum-drum of life. Hopefully it'll give me the kick I need to get home and get some of the things finished around the house that need to be done before Baby Martin's arrival in a little over 100 days! 

July 20, 2012

beach vacation part 1

Mikey dropped me off on Wednesday night after work for a long 2nd half of the week with his family at the beach. He had to get up super early on Thursday to head back to Greenville for another day & a half of work & was finally able to join us this afternoon! Too bad the wind was blowing at about 60MPH and it wasn't very enjoyable. Mimi, Mike & I toughed it out for a little while then Mike & I headed over to the pool to soak up a little more sun before dinner. Tonight Mike & I fixed Low Country Boil for dinner & it was delicious! (:

peas in a pod
peas in a pod before dinner 

fresh scrimp!
fresh scrimp! 

table's set for dinner

low country boil

I've really enjoyed the lazing about, the sleeping, the eating, the tanning, the reading, the family time & the just being. And I'm so thankful for another 2 days of this vacation! (: 

July 19, 2012

23 weeks

23 weeks (:

How far along? 23 weeks + 6 days
Weight gain: +13.4 pounds
Sleep: still sleeping great, but Mike & I both have been waking up randomly at 4AM recently (maybe this is in prep of getting up all hours of the night with a wee one?) 
Maternity Clothes: wearing them mostly (or Mike's slinky workout clothes) -- however, I was surprised when I put on one of my "non-pregnancy skirts" for work & it still zipped! 
Best moment(s) this week: helping Mike put together Baby M's crib (Thanks again, CH & Eric!) AND Mike really feeling the baby move - he's been reading Cannery Row (one of his all time favorites) out loud at night to us & the baby loves it. It'll wiggle all around while he's reading! 
Movement: lots! 
Food cravings: still nothing
Symptoms: still  having bad, bad heartburn (and therefore popping Tums like they're candy) -- I'll only be OK with this if Baby M has a head full of hair 
Gender prediction: boy lately
Labor signs: none
Belly button in or out: in-ish
Looking forward to: tannin' this baby bump at the beach
Random facts about little one: Little one is between 10.5-11.8" long & between 12.7 - 20.8 oz (I know...that's a big gap) -- or roughly the size of a grapefruit!

23 weeks = grapefruit23 weeks

July 14, 2012

before & after laundry room

We finally have another before & after post for you. We're ready to show off the laundry room - I know, I know...not too exciting for you, but believe me we're excited about it! The laundry room was the very first demolition / re-building that happened on the house. It started out as a back stoop and we decided to move the washer / dryer out here to give us more room in kitchen. Old houses used to have the laundry facilities right in the kitchen and with ours being as small as it is we couldn't sacrifice the space for a washer & dryer in there. This little room has been the perfect place for a laundry room!

bye bye walls
bye bye walls
replacing the floor
hello new sub-flooring 

mikey & papa rebuilding the walls
Mikey & Papa re-building walls & the ceiling 

new floors down - thanks dad!
new floor (thanks dad!) 

new window & washer hookup
new walls & new window 

Laundry room!laundry roomlaundry room
laundry room! 

July 10, 2012

22 weeks

22 weeks
How far along? 22 weeks + 4 days
Sleep: still sleeping great (praise the Lord) 
Maternity Clothes: Sweet Ansley brought me another load of maternity clothes this past weekend -- bless you Ansley, Toni, Erica & Jori! Thanks to these sweet women I am seriously not going to have to buy any clothes for this pregnancy 
Best moment this week: getting the deck started! I can already see this little one crawling around out there (: 
Movement: this baby loves to wiggle & move!
Food cravings: I can't really call these cravings--more like wants: red meat (i love a good hamburger anyway) and gummy candy (Hot Tamales right now) 
Symptoms: still having outrageous heartburn 
Have you started to show yet: Yes! 
Gender prediction: lately I've been feeling girl ...
Labor Signs: none
Belly Button in or out? somehow it's still hangin' in there as an innie
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy! 
Looking forward to: our 24 week appointment next week [and the beach!] 
Random fun facts about Baby M this weekLittle Mc weighs about 1 pound now & is around 11 inches long (the size of a papaya)! Baby is also sleeping in cycles now -- anywhere from 12-14 hours / day!


Disclaimer (Sorry for the lack of creativity with the chalk board--maybe next week we'll be back on the fruit bandwagon & my creative juices will be flowing again) (: 

July 9, 2012

the beginnings of a deck

Well folks, the latest update around 12 Tyler Street is the newest addition (don't worry - Little Mc didn't come way early) - we're getting a deck! This past weekend, our incredibly awesome friends came over and yet again lent a helping hand and helped build (most of) a deck. These boys are amazing...they busted their butts and got this all done in a day! Chris, Chris, Sam, Mike & Papa THANK YOU for your hard, awesome work this past weekend! Seriously, we owe y'all BIG time! (:

delivery -- wood for the deck!




workin' hardDSC02285



July 5, 2012

the 4th

Our 4th of July was a little different this year [click here for last year's 4th]. We were fortunate enough to have the day off so we did what all of you did, I'm sure - we slept until 10AM, ate a late breakfast and packed our stuff for the pool. Once we got our pool bag packed we loaded up Edmund and headed to FI to swim at Honey's pool. But first, we stopped by Publix for some subs for my dad & Heyward who were selling Fireworks in Ft. Inn. My dad has sold them for about as long as I've been alive - I just wish I had a picture of his 'merica shirt. (: It's awesome.

Anyway, Mikey, Little Mc (Baby M's newest nick name, thanks to my uncle Andy) and I made it to Honeys and swam / hung out with Melanie, Carolyn and Melissa for most of the afternoon. After burning soaking in the sun for 5+ glorious hours, we then scooted on over to Mike's rents house for a cookout with the Mimi, Papa, Gram, Mel, Keith & Dena. Hopefully even if you didn't have the day off you celebrated our freedom somehow!

me & my baby daddy

good old fashioned glass soda

red, white & blue fruit!

delicious homemade dessert [thanks to Gram]

me & mel

July 3, 2012

21 weeks

21 weeks!21 weeks = pomegranate

How far along? 21 weeks + 4 days  
Total weight gain/loss: +8.8ish (?) pounds
Maternity clothes? loving them! 
Sleep: still sleeping great
Best moment this week: um...I dunno 
Movement: lots & lately it's been much higher than it was at first 
Food cravings: Notta...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! 
Have you started to show yet: Oh yes - however, some people are still saying I don't look pregnant. C'mon people...please stop. The bump is there--acknowledge it. 
Gender prediction: no idea this week
Labor Signs: hopefully not for a long time....
Belly Button in or out? Innie, but it's getting shallow! 
What I miss: a margarita at Mexican restaurants! 
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy! 
[Still] Looking forward to: working on the nursery some more [which means getting the crib put together, picking out fabric for the chair and finding a dresser!] 
Random fun facts about Baby M this weekLittle Mc weighs about 12.7oz now and is 10.5 inches from head to toe!

21 down, 19 to go

July 2, 2012

summer 'round here

So far our summer has been pretty busy. We've mostly been working on the house in preparation for Baby M. It's not been all work though. We've gotten to steal awake to the lake once or twice, celebrated sweet friends getting married in Clemson, tooled around the Downtown Farmer's Market with Mike, Kayla & Mike's family and layed out by Honey's pool. Aaaaahhhhh it's finally starting to feel like summer 'round here. One thing's for dang sure--I might absolutely melt away this summer with it being 100+ degrees multiple days a week. I'm not used to not being able to handle the heat, but being pregnant in this heat is a w f u l. Just don't judge if you see me around town in a bathing suit -- a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Haha! (:

Currently my sweet Mike is working on the nook - putting the finishing touches on the last coat of paint so we he can "stone glamour" the floor and get some furniture moved in. I can't wait! 

work, work, work!