July 27, 2012

24 weeks

24 weeks = cantaloupe!
How far along? 24 weeks + 6 days (officially 6 months down!) 
Sleep: still sleeping great - and no more random waking up in the middle of the night 
Best moment(s) this week: love when Baby M moves around at night & Mike can feel it & will talk to it! It's one of the most precious things in the world. Also, we got to meet sweet baby Belle tonight!
Movement: lots! 
Food cravings: still nothing
Symptoms: The heartburn has gotten much better this week (: 
Gender prediction: ehhh...I've got nothing
Labor signs: none
Belly button in or out: in-ish
Looking forward to: Takin' this baby [bump] to Athens for a weekend with the Tingles! (: 
Random facts about little one: Little one is over a foot long now and weighs roughly 2 pounds...or is about the size of a CANTALOUPE.

24 weeks!
24 weeks!

Stay tuned for pictures of the nursery as we're getting it decorated!


  1. still looking amazing! i can't wait to meet that sweet baby.

  2. Thanks Alexa!! I can't wait to meet this baby either (: (haha) can't wait to see you in a couple months!!

  3. You LOOK absolutely adorable! Loving seeing that little one growing inside of you! What a sweet, sweet season!