July 21, 2012

beach vacation part 2

After a few rounds of Tetris on the 64 this morning we took ourselves down to the beach for one more day of soakin' up the sun & reading with the crew. Mike & I are planning to spend the day at the beach tomorrow after church but we'll be the lone rangers! It's hard to believe that this time next year we'll have a little Martin crawling around to keep up with! It's been so neat for us to imagine having this baby here with us and all the fun things that will be in store for it next summer!

After a full day out on the beach we headed back to the house to de-sand ourselves & get cleaned up for a nice dinner out at The Old Village Post House. So fun & so thankful for this week at the beach with the Martins! (: 

morning tetris

the girls @ dinner

me & mikey!

family after dinner

This has been a much needed vacation away from the everyday hum-drum of life. Hopefully it'll give me the kick I need to get home and get some of the things finished around the house that need to be done before Baby Martin's arrival in a little over 100 days! 

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  1. mamahood already looks beautiful on you :) won't be long now!