July 16, 2010

life update

i feel like mike & i haven't stopped going since we got married. oh wait, we haven't. we're closing in on our one-year lease in our "h-apartment" (house that's divided into 3 apartments) and we're looking to move elsewhere. we've found a place that's on the other side of town (Ben's side is what I like to call it..there are 3 sides to Greenville in my head: Our side, Mike & Kayla's side & Ben's side) anyway, the new "h-apartment" is a little bigger than ours, a little cheaper than what we pay now, we can do a month-by-month (no contract basically) and there's no mold in the bathroom! (: So...we haven't actually confirmed that that's where we're going because the same lady has another property that's still on Ben's side of town and we'd really like to see it before we make a decision. Either way, we're out of the mold infested apartment on Boyce. Praise Jesus.

wow. we're only 2 1/2 months away from our one year anniversary! where has it gone?! i'm praying for it to slow down..i feel like i'm going to wake up tomorrow 60 years old with lots of kids and grandkids .. geez!

hmm...where to go next?! we only have three weddings left. one tomorrow, one in august & my best friend's wedding in september (which i am seriously pumped about). however, i am a litter worried that we are going to be bored with all of our free time on the weekends. SIKE! i'm thinkin' we'll be living at the lake while it's warm.

i signed up yesterday for a adult CPR/AED class in a couple of weeks. random info., i know. but--it's the pre-req for the personal training class / certification that i'm going to take in september. i have been toying with the idea for over a year now. the AFAA offers the class twice a year (APEX weekend) for half price, which is wonderful because it's pretty expensive. when i got serious about doing it a while back i just missed the APEX weekend, so i decided that maybe it was bad timing or that it wasn't what God was leading me to do. since i've still felt like it's something that i'd like to do & something that i can use / will be good for me, i'm signing up to do in september and i'm really excited about it! (so - if you're looking for a personal trainer, hold out until sept. & hopefully i can let ya know where i'll be working! (: )

i'm also pretty pumped about next week -- vacation week! mike isn't able to take off much time right now because they're slammed, so i'm goin' to the beach with my parents, brother & Honey from sun-wed. i'm coming home to go to a cocktail party with mike for his work on thursday and we're turning around and going right back to the beach for the tail end of the week with his parents. it's going to be weird not getting to go to the beach together for our first year being married, but i think we'll be okay. we do have a couple of other trips lined up ... mike's getting to go bear hunting with my dad & brother in september up in Canada & then we're going back to Costa Rica in October for our anniversary (: good stuff

July 10, 2010

JULY! (1-7)

July 1
1 AM
late night at the office for Mike!
(a little like school) haha!

July 2
mold still growing on the ceiling in the bathroom

July 3
Will & Jules! 
we visited for a little while they were at the lake

July 4
Fireworks for the 4th at the lake

July 5

July 6
back porch dweller

July 7

July 7, 2010

6.23 through 6.30

June 23
Happy 16th Birthday Carson! (:
Roddick & Mike at soccer...

June 24
Ferns on the back porch

June 25
Since Carson was at Beach Camp for his birthday, we saved his present for him until he came home. New Total 90's

June 26
Haley, Amber, Ashton & Me in Charleston waiting on dessert at Kaminski's

June 27
Boats in the ocean (:

June 28
Early July 4th festivities

June 29
BUMBLEBEE TUNA! (name that movie!) haha

June 30
i LOVE this picture. 
so long june!