October 28, 2011

it's the little things

Aisle to Aloha

i'm linking up with lindsay and her blog,
from the aisle to aloha, again. 

my most exciting little thing:
Bird Collage Shower Curtain modern shower curtains
a brand new shower curtain from West Elm
if you didn't know, i love birds. no really, i love them
i may be obsessed 
i know you can't wait to see it in our brand new bathroom
i can't either (: 

Ashton, Haley, Amber, Me
these lovelies are some of my favorites
ashton, haley, amber and i grew up basically living together
we danced together, played softball together, played 
with our american girls and legos for hours, we constantly played the parts in Now & Then 
we're still growing up together
we don't spend the night like we used to and we actually
live kinda far away, but i still love these ladies
like the day is long
we had a much needed coffee session this week and it was fabulous
this my friends is a hawiian pizza from mellow mushroom

this my friends is a hawiian pizza from mellow mushroom
 pizza is not my favorite, but this hit the spot
and so did date night with sweet friends
bonus little things:
getting off at 4:30
[thankful for an early start to my weekend]
spontaneous date night with mikey

October 24, 2011

life lately

it's almost the end of october. that means in just a few short days it'll be november and that we're only 2 months and 1 day away from my 25th birthday...eeek! we're almost to a point at the house where we can move in. did i just say that out loud? we can almost move it. i know it's still "almost" - but hey, we're getting there! we'll have a finished bathroom on wednesday - no more peeing in the back yard [hey, i peed in the woods for over 3 months, why stop now?] haha! that means i can buy the shower curtain and bathroom goodies that i want without feeling guilty because we haven't needed them just yet...or had a place to store them. (:

enjoy some pictures from our life lately 

my heart is full
my heart is full 

the bride
my cousin, courtney on her wedding day 

peppers - the last of the crop
end of the season 

12 tyler street 

window trim (:

the girls!

working on the siding

putting in the last window on the front


the boys mostly worked outside while we girls worked inside 
[some] windows are trimmed
the laundry room [not pictured] is painted
all 17 windows are in thanks to chase and mike
dad and carson got siding up (: 
we're on our way!

PS--i must correct myself - all of the past pictures where i credited dad for his handwork must include my brother carson. he helped dad with the tile in every room (: 

October 21, 2011

it's the little things

Aisle to Aloha
today i'm linking up with Lindsey from the aisle to aloha

here are a few of the little things that have made my heart happy lately





the newest addition to the house - a $15 antique brass mailbox
a quick breakfast with a sweet friends Matt, Amanda, David & Baby Boy #2
fall for greenville with Mike, Kayla, and Carson...and 3 pound turkey legs [before a 5K]
all of my buds have bloomed on my office warming flower from Mike

what little things are you enjoying?!

October 17, 2011

12 Tyler Street photo dump

Photo dump from the house (: I hope you enjoy the progress as much as we do!

Thanks Toni!!!
[nook. thanks toni]

light from the 1920's Greenville Ford dealership
[1920's greenville ford dealership light - dining room]

laundry room
[laundry room floor. thanks dad, you're a stud]

workin' on puttin in walls
[rebuilding laundry room walls]

work day
[chili break]

cayden and andy eatin' lunch
[thanks andy & cayden for your help]

fixin' the weak spots
[wall repair]

painting the dining room
[painting the dining room]

[more of my dad's handy-work]

rotten wood
[another bump in the road. rotten outer wall.]

staining the kitchen
[cindy and me staining the kitchen. melanie helped too]

hole in the wall
[devastation from the rotten wood in the front bedroom that was so close to being ready]

wrapping the house
[time for house wrap]

more house wrap
[wrapping the house]

stained ceiling with my favorite light!
[nook. stained ceiling]

October 4, 2011


October is here, hooray! It's my favorite [along with November and December] (: We've been busy. Like really busy, but we're still chuggin' along...or somethin' like that. Much has been done at the house, and much has yet to be done at the house. Mike has been working super hard to rebuild the laundry / mud room this week! The aluminum siding is coming off, windows are coming out and paint is going up this week / weekend. The floor man is working this week [we should have a brand new kitchen floor today -- we decided to use the old wood in there to patch the other places in the house so there's only one room with new wood...] and the electricians and HVAC people are coming out to finish up their work! That means we'll not only have fans that work, but we'll have heating and air too! And, we've got SQUISHED GRINCH GREEN on the walls!! Green is my favorite color [as if you didn't know...] Our bedroom is "squished grinch green" as Mike calls it -- and I LOVE it!

Thanks dad (: 
mikey putting the FIRST bit of color in our house!!

yes, yes I did (:

And...this past weekend is my absolute favorite weekend of the year. That's why we got married this weekend two whole years ago (: First, it's the Lauren's Hope Race and Aunt Het. Go ahead and mark your calendars for next years LHF 5K .. it's the 10th anniversary and it would mean the world to me for you to be there.
This year after the race we got to spend the day with Melbug helping her move into her new place! We had a good time haulin' stuff in and helpin' her set things in their new homes.

my FAVORITE day of the year
LHF 9th annual 5K
pickin' up Mel's furniture!
Pickin' up Mel's brand new furniture

movin' melbug in!
Movin' her all in! 

S U N D A Y 

happy 74th b-day Honey!
Happy 74th birthday Honey!
What better way to celebrate than with hamburgers and cookie-cake? 


Happy 2 years (:
Happy TWO years to the sweetest, most wonderful husband ever. 
Phil. 1:3 [the msg]
Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God. Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer. I find myself praying for you with a glad heart. 

Here's to many, many more happy anniversaries (: