October 28, 2011

it's the little things

Aisle to Aloha

i'm linking up with lindsay and her blog,
from the aisle to aloha, again. 

my most exciting little thing:
Bird Collage Shower Curtain modern shower curtains
a brand new shower curtain from West Elm
if you didn't know, i love birds. no really, i love them
i may be obsessed 
i know you can't wait to see it in our brand new bathroom
i can't either (: 

Ashton, Haley, Amber, Me
these lovelies are some of my favorites
ashton, haley, amber and i grew up basically living together
we danced together, played softball together, played 
with our american girls and legos for hours, we constantly played the parts in Now & Then 
we're still growing up together
we don't spend the night like we used to and we actually
live kinda far away, but i still love these ladies
like the day is long
we had a much needed coffee session this week and it was fabulous
this my friends is a hawiian pizza from mellow mushroom

this my friends is a hawiian pizza from mellow mushroom
 pizza is not my favorite, but this hit the spot
and so did date night with sweet friends
bonus little things:
getting off at 4:30
[thankful for an early start to my weekend]
spontaneous date night with mikey

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