October 24, 2011

life lately

it's almost the end of october. that means in just a few short days it'll be november and that we're only 2 months and 1 day away from my 25th birthday...eeek! we're almost to a point at the house where we can move in. did i just say that out loud? we can almost move it. i know it's still "almost" - but hey, we're getting there! we'll have a finished bathroom on wednesday - no more peeing in the back yard [hey, i peed in the woods for over 3 months, why stop now?] haha! that means i can buy the shower curtain and bathroom goodies that i want without feeling guilty because we haven't needed them just yet...or had a place to store them. (:

enjoy some pictures from our life lately 

my heart is full
my heart is full 

the bride
my cousin, courtney on her wedding day 

peppers - the last of the crop
end of the season 

12 tyler street 

window trim (:

the girls!

working on the siding

putting in the last window on the front


the boys mostly worked outside while we girls worked inside 
[some] windows are trimmed
the laundry room [not pictured] is painted
all 17 windows are in thanks to chase and mike
dad and carson got siding up (: 
we're on our way!

PS--i must correct myself - all of the past pictures where i credited dad for his handwork must include my brother carson. he helped dad with the tile in every room (: 

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