May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend | Part 2

Wayne Wood - USMC - Vietnam - 19 

Our new house 2 3

Monday, Mike & I spent the day with Dad & Ria working on our new house. We're currently in the demo phase of the renovation & slowly but surely we're seeing this house turn into our dream home. We remembered Wayne while we worked; it's because of him (and his daughters) that we're able to have this house. I cannot wait to share details of how this house came to be ours, pictures from the demo so far and step by step room makeovers as they come. Stay tuned!!

May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend | Part 1

IMG_7570 IMG_7577 IMG_7588 IMG_7593 IMG_7600 IMG_7601 IMG_7610 IMG_7627

Mikey took Friday off & we toted Solomon around (who remembers what it's like to only have one kid to tote around?!) to buy appliances for our new house! *Hooray!!* After appliance buying and a late lunch at Wa-Ho we bee-lined for the lake house. On Saturday we played in the water for H O U R S. Amos loved it. He wanted to jump in immediately upon arriving to the dock and had to be carried up the big hill begging for just "five more minutes" in the water. Seeing his face when he jumped to us, or when he'd been swimming unassisted (by us...but with his life jacket) made my mama heart want to explode. Seriously, I'm so proud of him that I may burst. Mel joined later in the weekend and filled us in on lots of details with her new house - can't wait until we're practically neighbors! Here's to the summer that's ahead! 

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IMG_7549 IMG_7563

Amos (2.5): rock in hand, bathing suit on, splashing in puddles (in the rain) = your happy place
Solomon (8 months): sleep on little angel, sleep on

May 20, 2015

Amos' favorite things | two and a half


Favorites at 2.5:
Color: red
Thing to do: play a "pe-nano" and sing (he hasn't played with his piano in months ... it's in storage...weird)
Very best friend: papa and mimi
Place to go: McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A and the mall
Food: bacon & watermelon (...what he had for breakfast) 
Drink: says Mountain Dew, but it's really milk
Show: Curious George, Tumble Leaf & Umizoomi
Thing in the entire world: fans 

What else do you love?: "Frisbees. I like backetsballs and frisbees...and soccer balls."
*You also love Gravitopia so very much and want to take Baby Wren there. You just told me so. (: 

Mooshka, you're so fun. I love stealing time with you when Solly Mack is sleeping and forcing you to "snugga" me on the couch. I have so very much enjoyed watching you as a big brother. At 2.5 you're fun and spunky. You LOVE to be outside more than anything. You are super articulate - and becoming more so every single day. We talk about fans (any kind you can imagine) a lot. You sing James Taylor's "something in the way she moves" to me and have promised that you'll dance with me to it at your wedding. I love being home with you (and Solomon, of course) and am super thankful that I get to be your mama! I can't wait to see what the summer holds for us sweet Amos! 

May 19, 2015

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IMG_7426 IMG_7453

Amos (2.5): shaggy hair don't care | playing in the water buckets just like last summer
Solomon (8 months): first oreo 

May 14, 2015

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IMG_7305 IMG_7262

Amos (2.5): rockin' with "ba" on Mimi & Papa's porch on Mother's Day
Solomon (7.5 months): at the WHM dinner 

May 13, 2015

celebrate | mother's day 2015

Mother's Day 2015 

IMG_7309 IMG_7307 IMG_7319 IMG_7322 IMG_7333 IMG_7340 IMG_7344 IMG_7355

We started the day slowly. We slept in & hung out for a bit, just the four of us. Mikey & the boys gave me the sweetest gift - their (the boys) sweet foot prints framed. I can't wait to hang it in our new house somewhere. We had lunch with the Martin crew and spent a good portion of the afternoon playing Yatzee with Mimi. Then, we headed to my aunt Tammy's house to celebrate with my mama and all the other mama's on my side. Here's to full tummies and even fuller hearts celebrating the mama's we love! 

May 11, 2015

big brother, little brother | may


Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. | Marc Brown 

May 8, 2015

celebrate | birthday love | haley

IMG_7158 IMG_7165 IMG_7168 IMG_7188 IMG_7195 IMG_7196 IMG_7203

celebration 1 - the BIG 26 this year
Haley & her main squeeze  Amos
Candace & Solomon 
celebration 2 - Haley & Moose 
the birthday girl & her boy 
K-baby & Car Car
Solly & M 

Happiest 26th birthday to you, Haley Boo! I'm so proud of you that I can't stand it. You're beautiful & hilarious and I cannot wait to watch you become a mama in November! Love you, Boo Boo! 

May 7, 2015


IMG_7112 IMG_7132 IMG_7140 IMG_7146

This past weekend our community group participated in HOG day with Grace then loaded up and headed to the Martin's lake house for the night & a long day on Sunday. We enjoyed serving alongside the people we get to do life with weekly in our community and had a blast crashing the lake house for the night! 

May 4, 2015

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IMG_7107 IMG_7073

Amos (2): sweet, shaggy haired blonde boy, i'll always snuggle you  
Solomon (7 months): "no mom, i will not crawl...i'll just give you this look" 

currently: enjoying these two and their sweet ages 

May 1, 2015

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Amos (2): "look at that big FOUN-TIN" ... you can find us here all summer if you need us!
Solomon (7 months): Breaky date at Tandem. Our first, but definitely not our last.