May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend | Part 1

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Mikey took Friday off & we toted Solomon around (who remembers what it's like to only have one kid to tote around?!) to buy appliances for our new house! *Hooray!!* After appliance buying and a late lunch at Wa-Ho we bee-lined for the lake house. On Saturday we played in the water for H O U R S. Amos loved it. He wanted to jump in immediately upon arriving to the dock and had to be carried up the big hill begging for just "five more minutes" in the water. Seeing his face when he jumped to us, or when he'd been swimming unassisted (by us...but with his life jacket) made my mama heart want to explode. Seriously, I'm so proud of him that I may burst. Mel joined later in the weekend and filled us in on lots of details with her new house - can't wait until we're practically neighbors! Here's to the summer that's ahead! 

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