March 30, 2010

3.20 through 3.27

March 20

To commence all things spring, Mike & I went for a llloonnnggg motorcycle ride - we rode from Simpsonville to Gaffney / Spartanburg, the "low" way - then hit the Scenic Highway 11 home (: We did stop at the outlets at Gaffney - but the trip was a bust..we didn't even get ice cream! Bummer!

March 21
This is the newest addition to our window collection. It's a metal frame (from Ben's basement) .. painted red & rusting. We're going to paint the panes with chalkboard paint and write on it 

March 22
I've taken to reading on the porch in the afternoons when I get off work while I wait for Mike to get home. There were a few bumblebees out today - but they weren't cooperating -- they weren't very still! 

March 23
Sidenote: Happy Birthday Best!!! (:
Okay, I know this probably looks disgusting - I've GOT to figure out how to take better pictures of the food we cook! This was chicken with pumpkin sage grits. The chicken wasn't all that great (it was on a very very good sale -- and I now know why!) but the grits were AWESOME! (and super easy!)

March 24
a metal cross

March 25
Daffodils -- some of my favorites! I picked them while we worked out at Ben's house from the backside of a fence while Mike was inside chatting - because I knew he wouldn't like it! haha...but, what can ya do after they're picked?! 

March 26
Jalapeno Peppers! (: These are growing on our back porch as we speak! We'll see if I've inherited my grandmothers green thumb or not!

March 27
This is David Atticus Tingle. I am in love with him. We went down to Athens for a shower for Sallie & Caleb - some of our dear friends who are getting married in May & got to stay with Matt, Amanda and David Tingle. He is the best baby! 

March 26, 2010


I've been dying to grow a garden this spring! Up until this week however, it hasn't been in the budget to buy the necessary supplies. I was able to buy a few packets of seeds before today, but they've been sitting on the shelf above the laundry machines, and Mike got me a lot of pots from OD's barn, but they're empty on the porch. Anyway, today I went Vaughn's Country Store which is right down the block from where I work and purchased green bell peppers, jalopenoes, strawberries, two tomato plants, rosemary (which already smells wonderful), and banana peppers! And, I have cucumber, basil, and cauliflower seeds at the house! YUM! The men in the store kept joking telling me that I'll be the next president of the FFA (: haha...if they only knew what all I have planned for our "garden." I say "garden" because I didn't feel like I could till up the land at our apartment (mainly for two reasons: 1. I didn't want to be responsible for the mans land and having return it to it's pre-existing state when our lease is up 2. we have neighbors who have dogs & I'm afraid they'll eat my garden!) So, we'll be planting everything in pots and keeping them on the back porch (well, inside for another 2 weeks per request of the nice man at the Country Store!) Pictures will come soon!

March 20, 2010

3.13 through 3.19

March 13
Julie's bachelorette invitations 

March 14
Some of the things I'll be growing in our garden -- Cauliflower, cucumbers, basil & jalopeno...along with tomatoes, possibly potatoes, tulips and a fruit! 

March 15
This is the "P" from Publix -- Mondays are grocery days.

March 16
Downtown Ft. Inn -- shot in negative
I went home to play tennis with Haley - and took this while I was waiting for her to get breakfast / gas. I thought it was pretty cool!

March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
My cute socks that Mimi got me! 

March 18
This is the ONLY daffodil that's in our yard! (I see them all over town & want to stop and grab some--but Mike won't ever let me take them from other peoples yards! haha!) 
*This is probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken

March 19
These guys finally decided to bloom too! Once there are enough on the bush, I'm gonna cut some and put them in a vase (: 
Spring is HERE!!! 

3.4 through 3.12

March 4
Finally something in our awesome vase! 

March 5
Carson's soccer tourney -- HHS vs GHS 
#11...yep, that's my little brother! (:

March 6
Mike & I (along with Clancey & Holly) walked down to the Reedy River Run to see Brock and Ben finish. I have pictures of both of them passing our corner, but I didn't think it'd be fair to only post a picture of one -- so Holly wins.

March 7
It's SPRING!! Praise the Lord! (: 

March 8
Hmm...where do I even start? I'd asked Mike to help me fold this fitted sheet about 11 times, so I decided I'd just fold (or wad) it up myself & put it away. He was sitting on the kitchen counter as I started this process...and swatted it to the floor! He then proceeded to curl up in it and lay on the floor saying "I'm in my own world & you can't get in!..." (needless to say, our floor was clean after that...but dirt had to be shaken off the sheet!) hahaha!

March 9
Mike's birthday card that I made!

March 10
*Happy Birthday Sweet Mike!*
Mike, Kayla, Gabe (Mike's cousin), Melanie, Max, Me & Mike
after grillin' burgers & dogs to celebrate Mike!

March 11
Sweet Baby Bryson (:
I got to babysit on Thursday morning so Ashton could get some rest!

March 12
The grates from the grill -- leaning against a tree on the back porch. 

March 14, 2010

2.25 through 3.3


my eye ... I was trying to get the yellow

Our house in CB!!! (:

DP, Papa Martin, Mike, Melanie & Mere at lunch one day

On the way to town

Me & Mike ... our last day on the slope!

What it took to go to CB & back for the two of us

March 6, 2010

2.23 and 2.24

Carson's Soccer Schedule


Sugar in a jar.