March 20, 2010

3.4 through 3.12

March 4
Finally something in our awesome vase! 

March 5
Carson's soccer tourney -- HHS vs GHS 
#11...yep, that's my little brother! (:

March 6
Mike & I (along with Clancey & Holly) walked down to the Reedy River Run to see Brock and Ben finish. I have pictures of both of them passing our corner, but I didn't think it'd be fair to only post a picture of one -- so Holly wins.

March 7
It's SPRING!! Praise the Lord! (: 

March 8
Hmm...where do I even start? I'd asked Mike to help me fold this fitted sheet about 11 times, so I decided I'd just fold (or wad) it up myself & put it away. He was sitting on the kitchen counter as I started this process...and swatted it to the floor! He then proceeded to curl up in it and lay on the floor saying "I'm in my own world & you can't get in!..." (needless to say, our floor was clean after that...but dirt had to be shaken off the sheet!) hahaha!

March 9
Mike's birthday card that I made!

March 10
*Happy Birthday Sweet Mike!*
Mike, Kayla, Gabe (Mike's cousin), Melanie, Max, Me & Mike
after grillin' burgers & dogs to celebrate Mike!

March 11
Sweet Baby Bryson (:
I got to babysit on Thursday morning so Ashton could get some rest!

March 12
The grates from the grill -- leaning against a tree on the back porch. 

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