March 26, 2010


I've been dying to grow a garden this spring! Up until this week however, it hasn't been in the budget to buy the necessary supplies. I was able to buy a few packets of seeds before today, but they've been sitting on the shelf above the laundry machines, and Mike got me a lot of pots from OD's barn, but they're empty on the porch. Anyway, today I went Vaughn's Country Store which is right down the block from where I work and purchased green bell peppers, jalopenoes, strawberries, two tomato plants, rosemary (which already smells wonderful), and banana peppers! And, I have cucumber, basil, and cauliflower seeds at the house! YUM! The men in the store kept joking telling me that I'll be the next president of the FFA (: haha...if they only knew what all I have planned for our "garden." I say "garden" because I didn't feel like I could till up the land at our apartment (mainly for two reasons: 1. I didn't want to be responsible for the mans land and having return it to it's pre-existing state when our lease is up 2. we have neighbors who have dogs & I'm afraid they'll eat my garden!) So, we'll be planting everything in pots and keeping them on the back porch (well, inside for another 2 weeks per request of the nice man at the Country Store!) Pictures will come soon!

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