March 20, 2010

3.13 through 3.19

March 13
Julie's bachelorette invitations 

March 14
Some of the things I'll be growing in our garden -- Cauliflower, cucumbers, basil & jalopeno...along with tomatoes, possibly potatoes, tulips and a fruit! 

March 15
This is the "P" from Publix -- Mondays are grocery days.

March 16
Downtown Ft. Inn -- shot in negative
I went home to play tennis with Haley - and took this while I was waiting for her to get breakfast / gas. I thought it was pretty cool!

March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
My cute socks that Mimi got me! 

March 18
This is the ONLY daffodil that's in our yard! (I see them all over town & want to stop and grab some--but Mike won't ever let me take them from other peoples yards! haha!) 
*This is probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken

March 19
These guys finally decided to bloom too! Once there are enough on the bush, I'm gonna cut some and put them in a vase (: 
Spring is HERE!!! 

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