December 28, 2011

Christmas morning with the Martins

our annual Christmas AM picture

stocking hung with care...

sportin' his new threads

my wren!

birdies and soap

Christmas morning with the Martins includes
our annual Christmas morning picture
a stocking hung with care
Mike sportin' his new threads - a cowboy hat & Braves shirt
my wren that Mikey made for me
two blue birds and some mistle toe soap

December 22, 2011


Every year for as long as Mike and I have been together, we've made handmade Christmas cards for each other. Since we've been super busy house-sitting, moving, and celebrating Christmas early with family I didn't think we'd have any time to get our annual cards made -- which made me really sad. However, we had a night this week when we had a few hours after dinner to work on some things. Mike worked on framing another window [I'll post about that soon!] and I worked on his Christmas card.

It's not completely finished because in all of our chaos I didn't bring any glue [I was lucky to have remembered the paper!] but you'll get the idea!

Makin' Mike's Christmas Card

On the first day of Christmas...

I'm pretty excited about how it's turning out!

you can see our cards from last year here

December 16, 2011

the life of a nomad

So, so, so tired!
Mikey's so, so, so tird after all that sanding & mudding

Gettin rid of all that dust!
Starting the clean up process. It took us over an hour to get the floors this ONE room.

Primed walls!!
Do you see what I see?! PRIMED walls baby!

Base boards and primed walls!!!
AND baseboards!!! (:

Well folks, we're at it again. We've been in the house for a little over a week ... literally with only a week's worth of stuff. We finally put the mattress on the frame - only to take it down 2 days later. And, I managed to make it to the grocery store to put some bare essentials in the fridge. But, once again we had to stuff everything into the laundry room and nook because those are the only two rooms with tiled floors and Scoot, the floor dude, is coming back today to finish them! (: Since we have to be off of them for a few days we've packed up our bags and are heading back to Mama & Papa Martin's. I came into work this morning saying that I feel like I'm back in college -- except that I'm bringing home a car full of two people's belongings instead of just mine. I'm pretty sure that I didn't bring home as much stuff for Christmas break in college as I have in my car right now...and this was only a weeks worth of stuff! We're going to have to do a mighty-lotta-cleanin'-and-sortin' out our stuff before we officially move!

*We'll be home for Christmas*

December 15, 2011

this crazy life

Friends, I am ecstatic to be able to tell you that Scott, "the floor dude," is returning TOMORROW to finish our floors!! But, there is much to be done [do you see a recurring theme?]. For the most part, we're ready for him to come -- all but one room is ready. It's the living room, which just happens to be the largest room in the house [granted, none of them are very large]. We've mudded and sanded, mudded and sanded, mudded and sanded until I don't ever want to mud or sand anything ever again. Too bad the laundry room is still lacking a wall and there are a couple of spots that need to be sanded before they can be painted. Anyway, after a couple of ate nights, we're ready to prime the walls! Hopefully they'll dry super fast so we can at least get the base coat of paint on them as well!

Days worth of mudding and sanding

Front door is framed!

clean up time

OH YEA!!! Huge news: our house is COMPLETELY 100% sided! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the men who gave their entire weekend to help us get this monster done (: It's so neat to drive up and see a somewhat finished house! Next up for the outside: gutters, shutters, window boxes and re-constructing the gable on the front porch. I cannot wait to show you pictures when these 4 things are done!

December 8, 2011

when it rains...

Well, we had an unfortunate accident situation at our beloved Tyler Street house yesterday. Around lunch time our house got broken into and we had about $1000 worth of tools stolen. Thankfully our neighbor Dana was at home and caught the criminals in the act, so she called the police. The men still made out with some [very minimal] stuff, but it could have been a LOT worse had Dana not been home. I will say, I wasn't nearly as angry as I would've thought having our house broken into...the things that were stolen were just that - things. Yes, it's a bummer to have to spend money to replace them, but that's the good thing about our "stuff" -- it's replaceable!

After all of this, we decided we'd go ahead and unofficially move in so the house would at least look occupied [while it's only us and a few days worth of clothes at a time] to hopefully deter anyone else from getting a crazy notion of robbing us again. [Should they try again, I will shoot ... and I do not miss.]

Since we now have no choice but to be at the house during the evenings and there is nothing to but work I feel like we're going to have everything that was left hanging over our heads finished in no time. soon as we replace the tools that were stolen, since of course they were the exact ones we need to finish things like the window molding / trim work. Go figure. Anyway, I'll try to share our daily doings - even if it's something small (: 

I have to brag on Mike for just a minute. Earlier this week while I had dinner with my gal pals, Mike slaved dedicated 7 hours to working on the living room after a full day of travel and work. He [with BD's help] tackled the disgusting diamond in the ruff of a living room we have. The walls were in desperate need of the mud/sand process, so he got started on it. Pretty soon we'll have a primed and painted living room!

Here's what I worked on last night -- the mantel! It's one of my favorite things in the house, partly because it's original to the house..and I have some super cute ideas for decorating thanks to Pinterest!! I can't wait to see how it turns out once it's painted and the bricks are treated!

Step 1: Sand & apply paint thinner 
Step 1: sand and apply paint thinner

  Step 2: Prime!
Step 2: Prime!

PS: Don't you just love the floors?

December 1, 2011

weekend in charleston

this is long overdue!


downtown charleston

the market


love him!


hey there!

kaminski's (:

game night
strollin' around downtown
these birds. oh, these birds. they put on a show..i got some fabulous pictures that will be hanging in the bathroom with our awesome bird shower curtain

November 30, 2011

no. 30

no. 30
today, and every day, i am thankful for My Mike (:
thankful for our time at clemson together

thankful that we enjoy doing some of the same things
thankful that he'll dance with methankful that he likes the braves

thankful for our wedding day

thankful for his goofyness

thankful for 2+ years of marriagethankful for adventure

i am thankful for my very best friend to go through life with
i am thankful that he is goofy
i am thankful for this adventure that we are on
i am thankful that his heart is for the Lord
i am thankful for 2+ years of incredible marriage
i am thankful that we enjoy doing some of the same things, and different things too
i am thankful that he will dance with me
i am thankful that he eats anything i cook without complaining
i am thankful that he snuggles me at night and that i get to wake up beside him every morning
i am thankful that he will be active with me
i am thankful that he loves to travel
i am thankful that he enjoys being outside
i am thankful that he is a hard-worker
i am thankful that he provides for our family
i am thankful that he lets me be me [with my funkiness in all it's glory]
i am thankful that he is a braves fan - seriously
i am thankful that he makes me want to be a better person

[disclaimer: this list could go on for.ever]

the best is yet to be

November 29, 2011

no. 29

no. 29
i'm thankful that i get to share with you the very first before and after pictures from Tyler Street!

yes, we saved these floors!


NEW ceiling! the first new thing in the house

new walls!

dad the tile man


finishing the ceiling




no. 28

no. 28





i am thankful for my parents and for mike's parents. i know that i am blessed to have in-laws who love me like mine do [and who have put up with me living with them for months (: ] i'm thankful for the example of love the they've all showed me and i'm thankful that i get to call them my friends.

November 27, 2011

no. 25, 26, 27

no. 25 
Christmas tree
I'm thankful that we got our very first real live Christmas tree up at Tyler Street! Our neighbors love that we have a tree yet we have no furniture in the place ... (:
[oh, please excuse the horrible quality of this picture]

no. 26
I'm thankful that the first thing Mikey did on Saturday was install our mailbox! (: We have a super cute one on the house, but the mailman quit delivering mail to it "because he was having to leave his vehicle" - never mind that he leaves his vehicle to put one of our neighbors mail in her box that's on her fence. Ugh. Over much frustration and deliberation, we gave in and bought a box to go by the road. All I know is, I better have one FULL mailbox on Monday. 

no. 27
today i'm thankful that the Lord is stirring in my heart once again and opening my eyes to areas in my life that need Him more. mike & i have been reading Kisses From Katie [a gift from kayla] and at only a few pages in, we can feel the Spirit moving. i hope that this feeling never fades and that through His moving in our lives we are able and always willing to be used by Him. 

November 24, 2011

no. 23 & 24

no. 23
Christmas Tree!!
today i'm thankful that we got our very first real live Christmas tree! our sweet friends Matt, Amanda, David & Baby E [see day no. 14] met us at the lake house for the night on Tuesday, then we headed up to the mountains on a Christmas tree hunt! because Mike & I have lived in an "h-apartment" since we got married we haven't really had space for a big tree...but with Tyler St. almost ready for us to move into - we hunted, scrounged, hiked around, and found the perfect tree (: 

Me & Baby D

Mike & David


our tree!


no. 24
today i'm thankful for a day to hang out with family and friends while feasting on delicious food (: and...that mike got up and ran the turkey trot [our first 8K] this morning! 

happy thanksgiving, everyone