December 8, 2011

when it rains...

Well, we had an unfortunate accident situation at our beloved Tyler Street house yesterday. Around lunch time our house got broken into and we had about $1000 worth of tools stolen. Thankfully our neighbor Dana was at home and caught the criminals in the act, so she called the police. The men still made out with some [very minimal] stuff, but it could have been a LOT worse had Dana not been home. I will say, I wasn't nearly as angry as I would've thought having our house broken into...the things that were stolen were just that - things. Yes, it's a bummer to have to spend money to replace them, but that's the good thing about our "stuff" -- it's replaceable!

After all of this, we decided we'd go ahead and unofficially move in so the house would at least look occupied [while it's only us and a few days worth of clothes at a time] to hopefully deter anyone else from getting a crazy notion of robbing us again. [Should they try again, I will shoot ... and I do not miss.]

Since we now have no choice but to be at the house during the evenings and there is nothing to but work I feel like we're going to have everything that was left hanging over our heads finished in no time. soon as we replace the tools that were stolen, since of course they were the exact ones we need to finish things like the window molding / trim work. Go figure. Anyway, I'll try to share our daily doings - even if it's something small (: 

I have to brag on Mike for just a minute. Earlier this week while I had dinner with my gal pals, Mike slaved dedicated 7 hours to working on the living room after a full day of travel and work. He [with BD's help] tackled the disgusting diamond in the ruff of a living room we have. The walls were in desperate need of the mud/sand process, so he got started on it. Pretty soon we'll have a primed and painted living room!

Here's what I worked on last night -- the mantel! It's one of my favorite things in the house, partly because it's original to the house..and I have some super cute ideas for decorating thanks to Pinterest!! I can't wait to see how it turns out once it's painted and the bricks are treated!

Step 1: Sand & apply paint thinner 
Step 1: sand and apply paint thinner

  Step 2: Prime!
Step 2: Prime!

PS: Don't you just love the floors?

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