November 29, 2010

...all these embers burn in November skies...

Mike & I really enjoyed our Thanksgiving break. We slept late (every day) and ate way too much. We also took a mini-trip up to Brevard, Cashiers & Highlands. You probably know that Highlands is one of my favorite places on earth, even more so when it's decorated for Christmas! After sleeping late & a morning workout we packed up the car for the weekend at the lake (and the Clemson game) & headed two old people. We bundled up in the car and drove and drove and drove. The mountains were breathtaking. It'd been a while since either of us had driven up that way -- so we both enjoyed the longness of the trip, the view(s) & of course the company. We actually spent most of the break (after quality time with family on Thanksgiving of course) just the two of us -- and it was wonderful! I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.

the view from Bald Rock

me & Mike on Bald Rock
i LOVED the reds! so beautiful (:

it's Christmas in Highlands!!!!

the HUGE Christmas tree outside one of the churches in Highlands!

Mike & I have made Christmas cards for each other since we were dating...the good old fashioned homemade kind. We ended up at the lake house after our day of travels and spent the evening working on our cards! Last year we started kind of late, so we were rushed! This year I made sure we were gonna have plenty-o-time to get 'em done!

Sweet Mike workin' on my card

the idea for my card!

makin' progress!

Mikey still workin' hard (that's the heavenly host in his hands)

Merry Christmas Mikey!
(you can't see it, but there is a sign off behind the girl that says 2010)

We ended our fun, adventurous weekend at the Clemson / Carolina game! It was the first game we'd been back to since we graduated (and only the 2nd time I've been back to campus!--I still don't miss it! haha)

Me & Mike at the Clemson game!

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