November 1, 2010

The End.

Sept. 26
flowers from the rehearsal dinner

Sept. 27
flowers from our bridesmaids bouquets! (:

Sept. 28
All of our travel documents for Costa Rica!
Plane check-ins & shuttle pick-up!

Sept. 29
Travel sized EVERYTHING - we both only packed book bags we had to have 3oz or less for our liquids. We found out that only taking carry-ons is the way to go! No lines for anything (except coming back into the country of course) -- everything was a breeze! ..and no one believed us that we were coming back into the country with only carry ons. Go figure.

Sept. 30
new cork board ribbon! i know it's not an exciting picture, or even a very good one...but our bulletin board has been in desperate need of new ribbon for a long time! 

Oct. 1
Anniversary flowers that Mike had sent to the office. I LOVED them!! They made me feel so special on our anniversary! And of course they were beautiful & fall-y!

Oct. 2
After a long day of the Lauren's Hope Race (which we BOTH won our age groups..can mark that off my list of things to do. Seriously), Aunt Het, naps and car washing..Mike & Me gettin' ready to go to Stella's (one of our FAVORITES) for our anniversary. Gotta love the flannel.

October 3, 2010
Thanks Jana! Our photographer and friend took some amazing pictures for us on our anniversary. Love it. 

The End.

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