November 28, 2010

all things thanksgiving

Let me just say that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays...period. I love the quality family time mixed with good food and no stress of gifts. (Don't misjudge me, I LOVE Christmas, but I think too often we forget what Christmas is really about.)  

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has worked out wonderfully for me and Mike -- even before we got married. We spend lunch with Mike's family & dinner with mine. It's always too much food and always a great time of fellowship, catching up, napping / resting and just enjoying each others company! 

my Thanksgiving countdown

Wild Berry Pie -- we took this one to lunch with the Martin clan
[recipe to follow]

Southern Living Sweet Potato Pie
we took this one to dinner with the McCraws
[recipe to follow]

sleepy sleepy!
an afternoon nap post lunch / pre dinner always helps!

this would be all of the kids that attended dinner with my side of the family. i think there were 21 in all (once the last stragglers arrived) and we were even missing a couple!
PS - I'm the oldest. (I felt dreadful once I figured this out)

chaos..yes please (: 

This year I tried to note something that I was thankful for everyday that I journaled. If you have never done this, try it. 

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