November 27, 2011

no. 25, 26, 27

no. 25 
Christmas tree
I'm thankful that we got our very first real live Christmas tree up at Tyler Street! Our neighbors love that we have a tree yet we have no furniture in the place ... (:
[oh, please excuse the horrible quality of this picture]

no. 26
I'm thankful that the first thing Mikey did on Saturday was install our mailbox! (: We have a super cute one on the house, but the mailman quit delivering mail to it "because he was having to leave his vehicle" - never mind that he leaves his vehicle to put one of our neighbors mail in her box that's on her fence. Ugh. Over much frustration and deliberation, we gave in and bought a box to go by the road. All I know is, I better have one FULL mailbox on Monday. 

no. 27
today i'm thankful that the Lord is stirring in my heart once again and opening my eyes to areas in my life that need Him more. mike & i have been reading Kisses From Katie [a gift from kayla] and at only a few pages in, we can feel the Spirit moving. i hope that this feeling never fades and that through His moving in our lives we are able and always willing to be used by Him. 


  1. I asked for Kisses from Katie for Christmas! Her story moves me to tears every time I think about it--even as I write this. :)

  2. LOVE number 27! so encouraging :)