November 16, 2011

no. 16

no. 16
today i'm thankful for food to fill my belly
food is one of my passions. i studied it in college and would spend every waking moment baking or cooking in the kitchen if i could. i love slaving over pouring into whatever it is that i'm making - and then feeding it to others.

i've been reminded that there are so many less fortunate than us when it comes to food [among a million other things]. we've become unaware and de-synthesized to the fact that not everyone in the world has a McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A off the next exit on the highway to stop at whenever they please [don't get me wrong, i love having food readily accessible just as much as you do...] thanks to my friend kayla's blog, i've been keeping up with 3 girls who are doing mission work taking care of hungry / malnourished children. The program they started is called Serving His Children and they operate a full Malnutrition Rehabilitation Program that not only serves Masese, but a large number of surrounding villages. I may have cried reading about what they're doing. It really, really struck a chord with me. Maybe one day I'll get to use my love of food to feed the hungry [around here or around the world...].

be thankful for the food that you eat [most of you, more than] 3 times a day!

i'll leave you with what we're having for dinner (:

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