November 20, 2011

no. 19 & 20

no. 19
[side note: Happy Birthday Mere (: ] 
today i'm thankful for everyone who came to work at our house! mike & kayla, dad, reggie, jimmy, andy & cayden gave yet another saturday to help us get things done at tyler street. people, we're getting close! 

[siding is almost done] 
[the nook door is cut in] 
[the bathroom is grout is sealed and the ceiling is polyurethaned]
[the kitchen walls are polyurethaned]
[kitchen cabinets are at the house & installation has begun!] 

no. 20 
i'm thankful for our penguins! 
Penguin girlies!
these are the 5 yr old girlies we had in church today! we love working with them & have been so blessed by the opportunity to serve with them (: 

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