July 5, 2012

the 4th

Our 4th of July was a little different this year [click here for last year's 4th]. We were fortunate enough to have the day off so we did what all of you did, I'm sure - we slept until 10AM, ate a late breakfast and packed our stuff for the pool. Once we got our pool bag packed we loaded up Edmund and headed to FI to swim at Honey's pool. But first, we stopped by Publix for some subs for my dad & Heyward who were selling Fireworks in Ft. Inn. My dad has sold them for about as long as I've been alive - I just wish I had a picture of his 'merica shirt. (: It's awesome.

Anyway, Mikey, Little Mc (Baby M's newest nick name, thanks to my uncle Andy) and I made it to Honeys and swam / hung out with Melanie, Carolyn and Melissa for most of the afternoon. After burning soaking in the sun for 5+ glorious hours, we then scooted on over to Mike's rents house for a cookout with the Mimi, Papa, Gram, Mel, Keith & Dena. Hopefully even if you didn't have the day off you celebrated our freedom somehow!

me & my baby daddy

good old fashioned glass soda

red, white & blue fruit!

delicious homemade dessert [thanks to Gram]

me & mel

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