July 20, 2012

beach vacation part 1

Mikey dropped me off on Wednesday night after work for a long 2nd half of the week with his family at the beach. He had to get up super early on Thursday to head back to Greenville for another day & a half of work & was finally able to join us this afternoon! Too bad the wind was blowing at about 60MPH and it wasn't very enjoyable. Mimi, Mike & I toughed it out for a little while then Mike & I headed over to the pool to soak up a little more sun before dinner. Tonight Mike & I fixed Low Country Boil for dinner & it was delicious! (:

peas in a pod
peas in a pod before dinner 

fresh scrimp!
fresh scrimp! 

table's set for dinner

low country boil

I've really enjoyed the lazing about, the sleeping, the eating, the tanning, the reading, the family time & the just being. And I'm so thankful for another 2 days of this vacation! (: 

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  1. my family does a low country boil on our summer vacation, too :) such a fun tradition!