July 14, 2012

before & after laundry room

We finally have another before & after post for you. We're ready to show off the laundry room - I know, I know...not too exciting for you, but believe me we're excited about it! The laundry room was the very first demolition / re-building that happened on the house. It started out as a back stoop and we decided to move the washer / dryer out here to give us more room in kitchen. Old houses used to have the laundry facilities right in the kitchen and with ours being as small as it is we couldn't sacrifice the space for a washer & dryer in there. This little room has been the perfect place for a laundry room!

bye bye walls
bye bye walls
replacing the floor
hello new sub-flooring 

mikey & papa rebuilding the walls
Mikey & Papa re-building walls & the ceiling 

new floors down - thanks dad!
new floor (thanks dad!) 

new window & washer hookup
new walls & new window 

Laundry room!laundry roomlaundry room
laundry room! 


  1. It looks great love, I love before and after photos!! They're my fave! :)

  2. Megan- I'm really looking forward to seeing all your significant improvements firsthand in a few weeks. Thought I'd comment on the new laundry room if I may. Would my mom have loved it!! When my folks moved to 12 Tyler in 1947, there were actually no laundry hookups at all. My mom had a "state of the art" wringer type Washer. One of the first available after the war. (cars, appliances, and many other things weren't made during WWII). On wash day, she'd roll it over to the sink. Had 4 legs on rollers. It both received fresh water and discharged dirty water into the sink. After washing, then each garment had to be run thru the wringer (thus the expression) one by one. Then they were ready to lug outside in a big basket and hung on a cloths line that ran from a pole behind the back porch, and ran about 30 feet to another pole near the garage. About 1950, she got a new, "automatic" stationery machine, and new plumbing was installed on the bedroom end of the kitchen. This machine had a spin cycle, and performed the same basic functions a present day washer does. But the clothes basket still had to be lugged out to the clothes line. They never had a dryer until the new Sunset Drive house in 1959. I guess because there was no more room in the kitchen. The hot water heater was in the kitchen too, in the corner beside the Washer.

  3. Just noticed the "Sunny Cow" Feed Sack in one photo. Thats really neat. I believe you said you found that wrapped around some pipes to prevent freezing. The house had no "real" furnace until 1951 when the basement was dug. My Perry grandparents lived just outside of Easley on a farm, and they had cattle until my Granddad died in 1949. So I'm sure my dad likely found the empty sack lying around their barn.

  4. Looks awesome! I need to come back and see everything in person! Congrats on being able to use your FINISHED laundry room. I know it's a welcomed-convenience!