April 19, 2013

month five


Five whole months you've been here. Five whole months I've loved you with my whole heart.

In this past month big things happened! You started rolling over -- mostly from our laps to the bed, but you'll roll from your tummy to your back and vise versa too. We started feeding you baby food right after your 4 month visit to the doctor. You don't really care for rice cereal (and I'm not a big fan either, so we don't eat it a lot), but you've loved everything else (bananas, apples, apples + blueberries, squash, sweet potatoes, pears + cinnamon oatmeal, whipped cream and chocolate chili bacon milkshake). (: 

You've also been quite the world traveler. For daddy-o's birthday we took a 5 day trip to the Bahamas to see our sweet friends, Will, Toni and Belle! You were a stud on the airplane, loungin' on the beach and splashing in the water! Traveling is something that both your daddy-o & I love to do, so we hope by taking you all over the place now that you'll develop a love for it too. 

I'm not sure what's happened to your "good" sleep habits, but they've gone out the window. This past month we've had no sleep schedule and even had one day where you woke up ready for the day at 4AM. Mama is determined to fix this though. 

One of the sweetest things you do now is lay in your crib and talk to yourself when you first wake up. I love hearing you on the monitor in the morning jibber-jabbering in your room!

You still have no teeth. I've decided teething is for the birds anyway. I keep hoping / praying / wishing that one would just go ahead & pop through those little gums, as a reward for all the hard work you're putting in chewing / gnawing on everything in site! 

...and an outtake...

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