April 2, 2013

month four


'Mos, I haven enjoyed every single minute of these past 4 months with you. You are the sweetest lil guy ever (and I'd biased-ly argue cutest). Know that your mama is pretty smitten with ya. 

In your fourth month you took your very first out of state road trip (picking up NC, VA & WV) on Feb. 24-26. Mike, Kayla & Wodie were brave enough to go on vacation with the 3 of us to WV for a ski trip! As we figured, you hated the car ride. However, since we’ve been back you’ve been great in the car! I think you’re thinking, “These idiots are going go make me ride 12 hours in the car again. If I’m good maybe they’ll leave me at home.”

I’m pretty sure we’ve officially entered the “teething phase.” You ferociously chew on anything and everything, but prefer fingers to anything we’ve found (yours and / or ours). You’re also a drool factory.

You’re talking to us now – on your timing though, and not in response to us yet. I love being somewhere in the house and hearing you all of a sudden bust out talking. I’ll forever remember these days, when your noises, my sweet Amos were the only ones filling our house.

You’re also super active. Whenever we lay you on play mat (or anywhere actually) you get your little arms and legs “flapping.” I know one day soon those little arms and legs are going to be carrying you all over the house, deck and yard. And, you’ve started rolling off of our laps onto the bed and onto your sides. Not long now ‘til you’re rolling all the way over.

Your fourth month also brought about one of my very favorite things so far…a real belly laugh! You cackled at your funny daddy one night (03.05.13) when he had you on the changing table! Now our whole family will do whatever it takes to hear a chuckle from you. Don’t worry…we’re getting it all on camera. (:

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