February 25, 2015

month five | solomon

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Solomon, my littlest love! You're so fun and sweet. Big things happened this past month! You started baby food and are a C H A M P. You eat every bite of anything we give you...and I mean, every bite. You eat about 4oz of food at lunch and supper time.  Since starting food you usually sleep about 2 hours longer every night before you wake up to eat! Thanks, buddy! You also started rolling over (yesterday) - from your tummy to your back. You hate tummy time and actually spit up copious amounts every time I put you on your tummy, so we don't do it often. When we do tummy time you kick, kick, kick your little legs and want to be on the move so badly. Soon, Solly Sol. If you ever get traction with your feet you'll be scooting all over the place! 

You have the sweetest laugh and give the best belly laughs when I pretend to sneeze and shake my hair around. You love Amos...like really, really love him. You quiet when he comes in the room and watch his every move. You really like just being near to him. I know one day that you two are going be the very best of buds. One of my very favorite things that you do right now is hold your paci in the side of your mouth like a cigar. Funny boy. 

Still no sign of teeth in your mouth. You like to chew on a clear plastic ring that we have (don't worry people, it's huge - not a choking hazard), but don't seem to be teething. My only thing to compare you to teething wise is Amos, so I'm guessing we have a couple of months before anything starts to happen. That's A-OK with me. 

Your daddy and I are constantly wondering who you're going to be. We're praying for wisdom, like that of King Solomon. We want you (and Amos) to know and trust Jesus. Solomon Mack, you are so special and are so loved. Keep growing big and strong wee one. 

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  1. so funny to me, to click on amos' 5 month post and see how he looks so much then like he still does now. he's always been who he is, but getting to see him (and now solly) grow into that person is just the coolest thing.