June 10, 2010

5.10 through 5.16

i'm getting there people, slowly

May 10
*Happy Birthday Amber & Ashton*
the picture actually has nothing to do with their birthday! ... i just finished "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" today, and found it noteworthy bc it was such a hard read for me!

May 11
the first (and only) casualty from our garden so far ): good-bye little tomatoes!

May 12
FIGS! I wish so badly that we had some here! These are at OD & Cathy's house...i can't wait for them to be ready! YUM!

May 13
black & white flame

May 14
Me & Mike @ Caleb & Sallie's rehearsal dinner in Cleveland, TN

May 15
Caleb & Sallie's beautiful & delicious wedding cake!

May 16
Matt & Amanda's front screen door

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