June 23, 2010

5.17 through 5.25

I know what you're thinking people..."FINALLY!" Well, me too! I finally had some time at Honey's house the past couple of nights (Mike was in Ames, Iowa for work) and I sat down and deliberately sorted through my pictures and organized them. Since she doesn't have internet I had to wait until I got home today to upload them, but here they are..the long awaited for month of May; well, the end of May & beginning of June!

May 17
Penny Cat (Mike's 'rents cat...) For some reason, she loves me. 

May 18
the mat on the front porch. kinda dirty

May 19
butterfly bush - well, a baby one! 

May 20
I started shopping at The Fresh Market and grinding our own coffee. Since our hearts in Costa Rica, this was the Costa Rican blend & it was YUMMY! 

May 21
Taste the Rainbow

May 22
Carolyn, Kait, Melbert & Me
Melissa's shower! 
(and Kait + Stoddard's engagement day!)

May 23
Carolyn, Melbert & Me at the LOST Party at Ben's!
Good-bye to the last 6 years of our lives! Sad Day!

May 24
Our tomatoes are GROWING!! (and now, mid-June..they're red!)

May 25
Avatar! We rented if from the dolla-box (: but had to take it back before we could finish it because we're old and wanted sleep instead of movie. BUT, our good friends Mike & Kayla let us borrow theirs so we could finish it! I loved it. & I really liked this picture! The colors in the movie were amazing, so I was pretty pumped that they turned out this bright in the picture! (I even like the shadow)...Oh yea, the movie is slipped out of the jacket a little so you get the 2 eyes..

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