June 23, 2010

6.1 through 6.10

And here comes June!

June 1
banana peppers..the first fruits of our labor!

June 2

June 3
some of Kathy's jewelry. Mike & I housesat for the week, so I enjoyed having new things to take pictures of (and a TV to watch!) Hah

June 4

June 5
This is David. He has made the 'picture-of-the-day' before, and will many, many times over the year (: I.Love.Him.

June 6
another one of my favorites

June 7
I reorganized Mike's t-shirt drawer & thankfully he agreed to get rid of shirts that he hadn't worn since we got married! (: People, there were quite a few. Now I just need to do mine...

June 8
reminds me of Christmas time

June 9
Baked apples and pears. YUMMY & healthy!

June 10
"..and the thunder rolls.."
I was waiting on Haley in a parking lot in G'ville and this is what I saw behind me. It just happens to be that "The Thunder Rolls" is one of my all time favorite songs.

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