June 23, 2010

5.26 through 5.31


May 26
tick, tock..tick, tock

May 27
this little guy was SO colorful!! red and bright blue!
(and on my banana peppers!! shhoooo!)

May 28

May 29
Ben, Carson, Honey, Mom, Dad, Me & Mike
Mike, Ben & I drove from the lake to meet my family at Exit 19B to pick up Carson so he could spend some quality time with us at the lake! We met at Outback & made it a Graduation Celebration for dad (: He just got his MDIV! Congrats Dad!

May 30
This is my painting. It is not that brown. It is bright blue & green & gold, but  I couldn't get the one with the right colors OR right orientation to upload ):

May 31
our goodies from Spain! Thanks Mel & Mimi!

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