April 12, 2016




reading: A Cup of Jo 

playing: in a fort with the big boys made from our microwave box 

watching: Parenthood & we just finished The Man in the High Castle (highly recommend)

trying: La Granja 360 Tempranillo ($4 at Trader Joes) .. *not going to be our favorite* HOWEVER, we've since tried Black Mountain | 2013 Cab | Fat Cat ($7 at Trader Joes) and liked it a lot! 2 (or 4) thumbs up! 

cooking: lots of eggs // toasted pecans (new favorite snack) 

eating: dark chocolate covered espresso beans // Quest bars  

drinking: newly addicted to french pressed coffee 


calling: the pediatrician to set up WCCs 

texting: Kayla Jean 

pinning: Rust & Stardust necklaces (check us out!) // things for our white house // paleo recipes

tweeting: still don't do Twitter....


crafting: Rust & Stardust necklaces // always 

doing: life with a newborn & 2 littles   

going: to the lake this weekend for a much needed Tingle-Martin reunion

loving: fresh flowers in every room  

hating: that i don't even know when the last time i journaled is 

discovering: how much we really love our new neighborhood 

enjoying: how snoozy Ezra is 

hoping: for progress on the white house this week

celebrating: a mostly open calendar as i look ahead 


smelling: Capri Blue fir & firewood   

thanking: everyone who has loved on us since Ezra was born   

considering: which pictures to print with my free code from Artifact Uprising 

finishing: last minute things for our first art / jewelry show of the year  

starting: to plan summer vacations, our annual girls trip (West Coast, here we come!) & our 7 year anni


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