April 6, 2016

wild explorers

my little wild explorers







We're LOVING this warm weather. We spend hours in the morning wandering around the yard, finding silk "woms" and roly poly bugs (even though I'm the only one that will touch them), blowing bubbles and splashing in buckets of water and mama made puddles. We leave the front door open and let Ezra hang out in the house in the boppy just inside the door - so he's never too far away. 

I'm thinking of creating my own version of the Wild Explorers Club for these guys this summer (a membership is on my birthday / Christmas list for Amos this year). I love the idea of weekly adventure assignments and a way to keep up with what they accomplish. I'd also love to incorporate our friends / family (camping trips with Papa to the land // fishing trips with Pop in his boat..things like that) -- stay tuned! 

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