April 26, 2016

month one | ezra

Sweet baby Ezra!!

Seriously, if the first month could go any faster than it did with Amos & Solomon, it has with you! At your one month appointment (that Daddy got to attend) you weighed 9# 12 oz (2# 12 oz more than at birth!) and were 21" long. I think you're going to be long & lean like your big brother, Solomon! 

You're an excellent eater and pretty decent sleeper - you're currently giving us 3-4 hours stents at a time. I think that your little tummy hurts a good bit of the time. You cry a good bit (I think I remember Solomon having the same problem) -- hopefully it's something you'll grow out of in the next couple of weeks or so. 

I think you're a perfect blend of Amos & Solomon. You've got Amos' chin line & little pinned back ears (BUT the actual shape of your ears is like Solomon's), deep blue eyes like both of your brothers and their sweet kissable lips. You also have their blonde hair. Three little tow-heads. 

I've enjoyed praying over you in the dark hours of the night when we're the only two awake. Little guy, I hope as my third (little) boy that you always feel special, known and loved. I pray that just like Amos and Solomon are (becoming) best buds, that you'll be right there with them - taking on this world. I hope that from the beginning you three have an inseparable bond - that you're there to celebrate each other, fight for each other, lift each other up and point each other towards Truth daily. 

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