January 21, 2010

1.8.10 through 1.20.10


Elizabeth's first time shooting (:

"Where's the Chapstick?!" (Melanie, that is for you)

my very FIRST time cooking seafood of any sort. Since I don't like it very much we don't eat a lot...but I decided to be bold and try something new (for my sweet husband who loves seafood) - and it was wonderful!
Shrimp & Grits (cheesy) with hush-puppies
(oh yea, that was something I never ever do either--fry foods and I fried the hush-puppies!)


Mike gave me TOMS for Christmas. I love them...but it's been too cold to wear them ): Soon though! (Oh yea, this picture came from my absolute boredom when I was at home)

"Stock the Kitchen" Shower invites came in today for Ashleigh's shower!! Woohooo!! (:

I gave Mike a map of his motorcycle trip that he and his Papa took after we graduated in May. You can't see the pins, but there is a pin for every night -- Mike finished it today by connecting the pins. Eventually we are going to make a frame for it out of some barn doors that Ben has.

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day (Like in the summer when it isn't sooooo cold!)

STILL Raining! This is what raindrops look like on a car window looking up at a street light.

MLK Day. I still had to work, but Mike had the day off (a much needed treat!) He washed both of our cars. What a sweet husband!

Some sort of woodpecker.

Ashton's Maternity Pictures that I had the privilege of shooting! (:

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