January 7, 2010


The first Tuesday of the year. This should be great right? I don't have to work until 2, I'm getting to meet most of the family (on Mike's side) for lunch, and all I have to do until then is an itsy bitsy bit of cleaning ... and return a movie to the $1 box. Not a big deal.

Around 9 I throw on some shoes (my trusty L.L.Bean slippers, in case anyone sees me...while they aren't nice shoes, they are shoes) and a V-neck sweatshirt (over Mike's oversized T-shirt that I slept in). Haven't brushed my teeth nor my hair and I have on no make-up. I have to make it by 9:30 or I'll have to pay (long story short, the $1 movie was free this time and I didn't want to pay $1 if it was late!)

ALL I have to do is run the movie in.

I pull into the Publix parking lot -- park (illegally) right smack-dab in front of the store, because ALL I have to do is run the movie in, put it in the box and come right back out. As I park, I think "if I leave the car running, it'll be warm when I get back out to it," so I do. I am smart enough to get the fob off of the key ring before I lock the doors though. Out of the car quickly, run in, return movie, run out...click, click...nothing!! Try again - click, click...nothing! "Oh no, the fob doesn't work if the keys are still in the ignition!!!" AHH! I looked ridiculous (huge, baggy sweatpants, Mike's t-shirt hanging down to my knees under a sweatshirt and slippers) but I had no choice. I had to run in to the customer service desk to ask if I could borrow a phone to call my sweet husband to take time out of his extremely busy day to bring me the spare key to let me in. Okay...so I go in, ask - and the nice manager says "Oh, I think I can pop it." Great! I won't have to bother Mike or call a lock smith. Things are beginning to look up! So the nice man follows me out to my car (that is parked smack-dab in the middle of his store front) and runs out to his truck to get a hanger. In the mean while another man who also works at Publix comes out and sees the situation at hand. He offers his services as well and before long the two of them have the hanger jammed down my window trying to push the "ROLL DOWN" button on the window so we could get in. No such luck. They couldn't get enough pressure on the hanger to actually push the button. Back to square one.
After about 25 minutes (at this point I'm freezing) of fiddling with the window that apparently has an antitheft system for just such occasions, the nice man offers to let me use his phone to call the lock smith. Try Mike first..right? So I call, no answer. I call again..no answer. Okay, so (I'm thinking) he doesn't recognize the number..maybe he thinks it's a business call and they are supposed to leave a message!?? Call one more time. No answer. Great, now I have to call the lock smith to come let me into my car that has now been running for about 30 minutes. Lock smith is on the way - for a small fee of $42. Poop! I'm gonna have to explain to Mike why I threw away $42! ... So quickly, try Mike one more time before I hand the nice man his phone back. No answer. Okay B2B, what have you done with my husband?!?!

A few seconds later Mike did call back. His phone had unfortunately been on silent and he was away from his desk - so when he returned he thought someone was dying because he had 4 missed calls! OOops! (Well, it was an emergency!) I quickly and shamefully explained my situation to him & he was on his way to save the day! The nice Publix man called the lock smith to cancel my order & let me come stand inside while I waited (and even gave me free coffee..I think they felt pretty bad for me!). Mike arrived & let me into my car and all was well (:

If this is a sign of how the year 2010 is going to be, can't I just stay in bed until Jan. 1, 2011?! Just kidding -- I'll stand strong at whatever is thrown my way this year (and hopefully Mike won't have his phone on silent any more! hah!)

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