January 26, 2010

*1.21.10 through 1.24.10

For some reason blogger is giving me an error when I try to add words to the previous post. I've tried for two days at two different locations to fix it, to no avail. So, I'll just describe the pictures here & let you put them together. (:

The Pizza Factory -- it's not a great picture (it was taken through a rainy car window)--but this tiny, local pizza place has become a favorite of mine & Mike's. We usually eat at this joint once a week (or every couple of weeks when we have the extra cash) We get the lunch special: a personal pizza, the salad bar and a drink for $5 flat (so $10 for both of us obviously). But, you can't beat that!! Who cares that it isn't exactly the healthiest lunch..it's cheap and that'll do for us!

The next is the view from Carolyn's balcony in Columbia. Melissa and I spent the night with her on Friday because we had a wedding shower to go on Saturday for Elizabeth.

Happy first wedding shower Elizabeth!

This picture is also not one of great quality, but it does the job. I don't know how our little house didn't wash away with the rain! It literally rained the hardest I've ever seen it rain (here) for a very, very long time. I wish you could see the cats and dogs falling in the picture!

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